Posted in July 2011


When my dad took me to New York when I was 10, I told him I couldn’t ever imagine living in New York because I didn’t know where the Kroger was. My opinion still stands on that. I went grocery shopping for the first time this evening. Terrible. Terrible. Overwhelming. I wanted Kroger. I was … Continue reading

The First Weekend

I survived my first weekend in New York! Lots of new experiences…. On Friday I climbed 5 flights of stairs with three 50lbs suitcases to my apartment. I sweated like nothing else. The apartment is pretty swell, downside: it is crazy hot- i’ve been living in a layer of sweat for the last two days. Upside: … Continue reading

Is this real!? I live in NYC.

With 3 suitcases (and about 8 boxes on the way) $5 in my pocket (cause who carries cash anymore) And a ton of anticipation, I made it to NYC. Here was what I looked like earlier today. Exactly like this. To a new blog  and a new city!  

Hello world!

If you are reading this, congrats! You’ve found my new blog! Stay tuned for stories on New York and all that ensues. And subscribe! That way, all my fun stories and photos like the one below will come straight to your email! Happy reading!