The First Weekend

I survived my first weekend in New York! Lots of new experiences….

Central park across from my apartment!

On Friday I climbed 5 flights of stairs with three 50lbs suitcases to my apartment. I sweated like nothing else. The apartment is pretty swell, downside: it is crazy hot- i’ve been living in a layer of sweat for the last two days. Upside: This view of Central Park. Left side: I can smell the Fried Chicken Place from five stories up. Right side: My quads will hopefully rock after working those 5 flights of stairs.

I celebrated conquering the suitcases with an awesome meal with my lovely Sam and then we met up with Cody later. It is great to be greeted in a new city by old friends. While catching up with Cody and Sam, they discussed their various interactions with city rats, which scared the crap out of me.

For that reason, on Saturday I decided to find a rat. Get it over with. See it, embrace it, it’s over. So in the subway station, I looked down. They were dead, but I found them. Today, I saw a live one. And that was that.

Birthday Buddies at Brunch!

Along with getting over my rat fear, I learned that brunch in New York is a big deal. That is why I partook in it Saturday and Sunday. It is definitely a trend that I am willing to follow. Especially at the brunch locations where it is unlimited mimosas, champagne and bloody marys like at HK or when I am with lovely family friends like the Michauds- make me feel at home even when I have no idea what I am doing.

I also partook in my first Central Park outing, laying out in Sheep Meadow. Perfect people watching and perfect relaxing outing. It is nice to realize that New York has so many nice park areas. Less concrete, more grass.

I also went to my first club! Club 57. Me, my friends, 200 gay men, awesome music, laser beams, and open bar. Score.

And now- time to unpack. And watch MadMen. Cause it streams on Netflix now!

Work starts tomorrow. Terrified. To be continued.


4 thoughts on “The First Weekend

  1. Yay! So glad things are going good. And so sad I couldn’t meet up with you. But we are doing a kind of last dinner in New York on Tuesday at one of our favorite places, Penelope. It’s at Lexington and 30th. Would love for you to come! I think a couple of the girls we know that live here will be there and can introduce you. Not sure on the time, but let me know if you wanna come! Love. Can’t wait to see what else you get into!

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