Posted in August 2011

Nail it. (A Job).

While I’m in my How-To phase (cause I am totally qualified to write any sort of How-To!), I thought I would post a blog I thought I already posted (ha! whoops).  So there is no doubt that I am completely lucky and blessed (if that is your kind of thing) about my current job. Like … Continue reading

Moving to New York: The Packing Saga

So while packing to move to my new place, (3 DAYS!!) I realized I never really described how I packed to get to New York. And boy is it an adventure… With two parents who had moved since high school, I had acquired the majority of my belongings in Bloomington. I didn’t really keep anything … Continue reading

Irene- you tease.

So to celebrate my month anniversary in New York, Hurricane Irene decided to shut down the city that never sleeps. For all those who texted, called, messaged- I am fine. I appreciate the concern. But for me, Irene was a total tease. I guess I was just part of a big deal. New York transit … Continue reading

Things I’ve Learned… Random and True Part II

I’m tired. But I want to blog. Tired- blog- tired – blog. Don’t match. So, time for the second edition of random and true tidbits I’ve learned. I’m starting to recognize people who have now become part of my routine. The cute little Asian kid on the bus that always asks about cells and molecules. The … Continue reading

This is my city

Just a real quick video from an organization I love! This one was done last week in Union Square. One of my NY goals- be involved in an Improv Everywhere event. Don’t worry, I’m already on the mailing list. Today is a beautiful day and I love you all!

What I Miss the Most

So today is my third week anniversary in New York- and what a third week it has been. Holy cow. On this third week anniversary I would like to reflect on those things that I am starting to miss. I mean, there are the obvious things- family, friends, a life that isn’t being lived out … Continue reading

The Best Weekend Yet

A note: I apologize now for the verbose post and with the lack of photos. Packing the camera cord away for a month really is not conducive to pretty blog posts. They will get better! Promise! This weekend was just wonderful. For SO many reasons. SO many reasons that I must use an emoticon :D … Continue reading

My Mecca

Instead of going to bed like I definitely should after my crazy night last night, I am writing this blog because I am just that excited. Today I made the trek that I have been waiting for- I went to Trader Joe’s.  For those that don’t knew Trader Joe’s, it is the coolest grocery store … Continue reading

My first *ahem* ummm… meal

So this evening, I cooked my first meal in the apartment. I finally ran out of bread so I couldn’t make another PB&J. If there wasn’t 5 flights of stairs and a thunderstorm between me and the grocery store, I probably just would have gone to get more bread. That is how bad I didn’t … Continue reading

Things I’ve Learned… Random and True.

So my internet has been a bit shotty- and although I feel I have so much to share about my weekend (improv and my first laundromat!) I thought I would just share some tidbits of information that I have learned this first week in New York. More to come I’m very sure of. Lo siento … Continue reading

First Week: Accomplished

Well- I’ve completed my first week of work! That means, first week of figuring it all out, first week of meeting all new people, and first week of business attire everyday! I think it went pretty well! Truthfully, what happened in the office was a lot easier and less exhausting than what happened outside of … Continue reading

If you don’t read anything else I post…

I wasn’t intending on posting today, but when I saw this, I thought it might give motivation to my peers- entry level and job seekers or really- anyone. This one goes out to all those who are trying to make it work. Preach it girl. Preach. Oh. Meh Gawd.

The First Day!

The worst is over!! I had my first day today!! I think it will be a good match. It is hard to tell though as I had a hard time processing anything more than “holy shit, I have so much to learn!”. It was quite overwhelming. There is so much. And as I mention prior, … Continue reading