The First Day!

The worst is over!! I had my first day today!! I think it will be a good match. It is hard to tell though as I had a hard time processing anything more than “holy shit, I have so much to learn!”.

It was quite overwhelming. There is so much. And as I mention prior, I am not one for change. So this is a big change. And I’m also not one for not knowing things. It’s hard to kick butt when you don’t know what you are doing. And the person who is supposed to train you is out-of-town.

But alas, I got through the day! It went pretty quickly actually. I was acquainted with all the people whose names I don’t remember, I got a tour of the building I’ll be planning most events in (very nice and air-conditioned!), and I took this rocking picture:

Yeah. You wish you were me. I can now enter any building on the Columbia campus… with horrendous picture. Why didn’t you tell me my nose was that big!?!?

And the best and most overwhelming part- my cubicle :) I’m so proud of it! But I just can’t wait to attack all of the drawers and shelves and put all my folders (that I don’t know what they will be for yet) somewhere! It is going to be great! I will leave you with an image of the glory:

Yep… that’s right. You see it. A window. I’m a baller.

Anyways- I’m off for a lovely dinner with friends! Oh- and for those who were wondering- I did find a better grocery store :) And they even carry my brand of english muffins!


11 thoughts on “The First Day!

  1. So cool!!! Good luck, girl friend. I’ll be thinking about you!! Also, expect a visit from me sometime. I’ve never been to NYC…….

  2. I know there is nothing you love more than a well organized and tastefully decorated cubicle! I know you will be fabulous!

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