Things I’ve Learned… Random and True.

So my internet has been a bit shotty- and although I feel I have so much to share about my weekend (improv and my first laundromat!) I thought I would just share some tidbits of information that I have learned this first week in New York. More to come I’m very sure of.

  1. Lo siento means I’m sorry in Spanish. You would think I would have remembered that after 12 years of spanish. Lies.  I’ve used it multiple times now.
  2. The 6 train at 7:20 is where to find gorgeous men. Oh my god.
  3. Cat calls, while disrespectful, boost my self-esteem.
  4. You can only buy two buck chuck (now three buck) at the 14th St. Trader Joes. Damn liquor laws.
  5. NY is much smaller than you think. I’ve run into my roommate and 3 different couples in different trains and neighborhoods all within two days.
  6. The rancid smell that comes from the trash piles does go away. The smell is worst in the summer cause of the heat (obviously duh Lauren). But in good news, New York City is very good at removing trash quickly.
  7. Packing your camera cord does not result in good photos for your blog.

And that is what I’ve learned this week.


2 thoughts on “Things I’ve Learned… Random and True.

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