My first *ahem* ummm… meal

So this evening, I cooked my first meal in the apartment. I finally ran out of bread so I couldn’t make another PB&J. If there wasn’t 5 flights of stairs and a thunderstorm between me and the grocery store, I probably just would have gone to get more bread. That is how bad I didn’t want to make a meal. The idea of cooking in someone else’s kitchen with someone else’s stuff, using a gas stove (never in my life have I), and muddling around in all things unknown was very unsettling to me. 

But hell- I’m not subletting for this price for just a damn room. I rented an apartment. So I proceeded to cook.

As you might remember, I went to the grocery store last week, so I did have some supplies for the endeavor. I decided to start easy- spaghetti. It was even fancy spaghetti. Just noodles and sauce. I would like to call it- Spaghetto. 

Pot – Check

Water- Check

Boil the water- Holy shit I’m on a roll!

Put noodles in water- Check

Open the can (yes can. Not jar cause I’m rolling that cheap) of spaghetti sauce- Where is the can opener??

Find the can opener

And this is what I found…

Not only was it incredibly old and jank and the wheel was tiny, it was left-handed! So no pasta sauce tonight… (Correction. It has come to my attention that I might have been trying to use the can opener upside down. Haha. Whoops. Either way- it was still old as anything and hard to use. Can openers have never been my forte okay!? Like seriously- I once got an electric can opener for a gift I needed it so bad.)

So with no butter in the fridge and the desire to adventure off to the grocery store at complete zero, I sneaked some of my roommates soy sauce and put it on my noodles. 

Soy sauce noodles. Yes folks, be impressed. 

But I didn’t forget the protein- don’t worry Mom! Half a can of Goya Garbanzo Beans will do. Straight out of the can of course (It was a pull top).

Well… I ate.


4 thoughts on “My first *ahem* ummm… meal

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