The Best Weekend Yet

A note: I apologize now for the verbose post and with the lack of photos. Packing the camera cord away for a month really is not conducive to pretty blog posts. They will get better! Promise!

This weekend was just wonderful. For SO many reasons. SO many reasons that I must use an emoticon :D

First, I might have found the most wonderful apartment ever. But I can’t talk about it yet because it isn’t official and I don’t want to jinx anything. More to come…

Second, I said goodbye to three of my dear friends who ended their summer programs in the city. It was sad to say goodbye, but the time we spent together was beautiful and we ended it big!

Thirdly, I got to spend the majority of my weekend being apart of my favorite thing- improv. This weekend, Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre (UCB) hosted the Del Close Marathon– 52 hours of straight improv. WONDEROUS. I WAS IN LOVE.

I watched hours upon hours of improv. While I wasn’t performing (but I’ve got a new goal for next year!), I watched some of the best improvisers in the nation and was incredibly impressed, inspired and I laughed so darn much. I was laughing until I was crying.

I got to see amazing performances from SNL cast members like Horatio Sanz, Bobby Moynihan and 30 Rock stars, John Lutz and Scott Adsit. I saw comedian Doug Benson and performances from writers from the Daily Show, Parks and Rec, and so much more. I was blown away. I was so impressed, I didn’t leave until 5AM on Sunday morning after a full night of watching sets because I just couldn’t tear myself away.

It was also amazing because I did it on my own. For this particular event, I knew that none of my friends locally would be as passionate and interested in (and willing to spend $25– which actually ended up for a pretty cheap full weekend!). So I did it on my own. And I’m so glad I did. I wasn’t the only one either. There were so many individuals who just came out to enjoy the art. I made friends and met up with old ones. It was absolutely splendid. I definitely proved to myself that doing things alone doesn’t have to be lame. It can actually be pretty damn awesome.

Also exciting- this was the first weekend I did not feel the need to look down at my phone every two seconds to figure out where I am. I could find my way to and from subways and knew where I needed to transfer, and which lines to take. Big deal. BIG. HUGE. Grant it, I was pretty much only going to and from the UCB theatre, but it was still great to look like I knew what I was doing. So right now, I can get to work, home, Trader Joe’s and the UCB theater without directions seems just about right.

I would love it if that theater (or any improv house) could be my second home. The whole weekend left me itching to perform. I spent so much time in one place with so many people, I began to feel so comfortable there. It made the desire to be on a team and have that “place” where I can go to so much stronger.

I think with the inspiration from this weekend and the cheap ass apartment I just found (fingers crossed!!), I can afford classes and be back on stage soon!

*Sigh* Such a wonderful weekend. Can’t wait for next year :D


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