The best weekend yet moved its ass right on into Monday- Apartment Search Part II


I about died today at work- got up super early to drop off apartment info, still majorly lacking sleep after this weekend, and then had a really bad bagel sandwich.

But it all worked out cause I GOT THE APARTMENT!!! HOLY HELL I GOT IT!!!!!!!

Yep. Get ready Harlem- cause Lauren Schaefer is moving in (along with 3 other awesome roommates).

You see, I say Harlem, and my parents get scared. But really it is amazing and so convenient and has some awesome qualities:

  1. We live right on top of a laundromat, chinese take-out place, and a liquor store. Game over.
  2. The subway is one block away. I can see it from my front door. So super convenient.
  3. We live on a main thoroughfare, so someone would have to be really ballsy to jump us. I am more likely to be robbed at work. 
  4. I walk across the street and there is a brand new grocery store
  5. AMAZING Jamaican restaurants!
  6. A huge amount of space for not that much of a price (I am under budget AND have spacious closets and hardwood floors!)
  7. FINALLY– I am 4 blocks away from an H&M. IT. IS. FATE.
I am so relieved to have this whole terrible experience over with. I can now do things during the week (like go to IKEA)! I don’t have to deal with terrible brokers! I can find comfort in the fact that soon I will unpack my boxes! I can delete all those damn Craigslist listings out of my email!
It was a pain in the ass getting it, processing paperwork, and talking to all parties involved, but I have learned SO much during this experience and will be SO prepared for next time! So if you are moving to NYC. Talk to me. I know how it goes now. At least I think I know how it goes (until I find out that I have been scammed cause my apartment is really a hologram). 
But hologram or not, I am so happy. I can’t wait for this labor day weekend!! Move-in!!! We will begin accepting applications for visits August 6th :)
I will leave you with a blurry image of MY KITCHEN. 

Yep. Black granite, wrap around island, and accent lighting! Boom.


5 thoughts on “The best weekend yet moved its ass right on into Monday- Apartment Search Part II

  1. It looks amazing – and Harlem is now cool – so good on ya mate (do not knwo why I fell into an aussie response there) congrats lauren now I know where to find you. Go celebrate at that great hungarian bakery I told you about across from St John teh Divine – it is now part of your hood!

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