Things I’ve Learned… Random and True Part II

I’m tired. But I want to blog. Tired- blog- tired – blog. Don’t match. So, time for the second edition of random and true tidbits I’ve learned.

  • I’m starting to recognize people who have now become part of my routine. The cute little Asian kid on the bus that always asks about cells and molecules. The fruit guy I pass walking to work. The people who linger around my building.
  • Always carry an umbrella. Always. Or check the weather! If not- you’ll most likely look like a wet dog.
  • Central park is home to more turtles than anywhere else ever.
  • The kids that live around me no more cuss words than I do. They also know more prayers.
  • You will find no tanning beds above 115th St. It is the marketer in me. Love it. Know your demographic!
  • There are underground tunnels that transfer you between the uptown and downtown trains in most stations. It’s much easier than going up and back down the stairs and more chance to catch a train. Which is good because you don’t want to get stuck at 96th. It is sweltering.
  • I shop with the elements in mind now. A gorgeous black purse is unacceptable because there is not quick access to my metro card or my apartment keys.
Random and true. 

One thought on “Things I’ve Learned… Random and True Part II

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