Irene- you tease.

Times Square subway last night

So to celebrate my month anniversary in New York, Hurricane Irene decided to shut down the city that never sleeps.

For all those who texted, called, messaged- I am fine. I appreciate the concern. But for me, Irene was a total tease.

I guess I was just part of a big deal. New York transit has only been shut down ever twice. For 9-11 and due to the worker strike in 2005. So to shut transit is a big deal (and HUGE pain in the ass). When transit closes,everything closes with it because no employees can get anywhere! 

To prep for the lady, I went ahead and bought the necessities. The gallon of water, the flashlight, the bottle

Other New Yorkers prepping for Irene

of wine, the cookies, I was ready. I wasn’t in an area that was told to evacuate. I was in Zone 3- or as I like to call us- the yellow team.

I spent over 24 hours just hanging out. I watched a ton of Mad Men. A ton. And I went a little crazy. I just kept waiting for Irene to come visit.

The hardest part was not knowing what was happening, when she would hit, or what was going on. I don’t have cable so to find the best news source to listen to online was difficult.

Thank goodness I finally realized that my iPad has an awesome weather channel app (thanks dad). This website was also an awesome utility.

I guess this happened on 12th

But overall, it was nothing. Supposedly Irene hit at 9am this morning but I couldn’t tell. By the time she got to me she was only a tropical storm. I guess lower Manhattan had some flooding, Staten Island and Jersey got hit pretty bad, but for me there was some wind, some rain, but no damage. No big deal.

My new friend from the laundromat said that the cops were kicking people off the streets last night when she was supposed to hit. That was the weirdest part- nothing was outside. No cabs.

I knew it was okay to go outside again today when the normal loiterers were out and the cabs were back. But where to go when transit might not open again until tomorrow? The laundromat. I knew that guy would open no matter what. Benefit of hurricane- empty laundromat.

So that’s it. That is the story.  Looks like now I’ll be doing a lot of sitting around post-Irene because transit

I guess this happened somewhere too...

might not open until into the work week because of flooding in the lower half, Brooklyn, and Jersey. So what is that called? Snow Day?

In other news- New York had an earthquake this week and I might have also stopped a man from robbing my office (what is happening with the world?!?)

I’m spending the rest of my quiet weekend packing. CAUSE I AM MOVING ON WEDNESDAY!! Lease is signed and I’m a renter! Stay tuned for the real storm… Moving.


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