Moving to New York: The Packing Saga

So while packing to move to my new place, (3 DAYS!!) I realized I never really described how I packed to get to New York. And boy is it an adventure…

With two parents who had moved since high school, I had acquired the majority of my belongings in Bloomington. I didn’t really keep anything else elsewhere. Therefore, I had a lot of shit. Therefore, packing to move to New York with no car was a daunting task.

The first step was to book my flight. I thought about taking a U-Haul but subletting an apartment for a month while I get my bearings would leave my stuff abandoned and the price of renting a U-Haul outweighed the cost of just buying new stuff once I got my own place.


Why you ask? Because the relatively cheap airline doesn’t make you pay for up to two bags. So while one airline might be $20 cheaper, you could pay up to $100 or more in baggage fees. So book Southwest.

So I knew I could take 100 lbs of checked luggage plus a carry-on (which I of course put all of my heaviest books in).

And then I did the ultimate purge. I sold EVERYTHING. Every time I debated something I said, “Is it worth paying to ship? Can I get something cooler in New York?” Toss. Truthfully, there were some things I was sad about getting rid of (See What I Miss the Most) but overall, it is a good time to buy grown up things and start over!

I was left with my remaining items that would need to be shipped. 8 boxes worth. Bedding (cheaper to ship than to buy new), winter clothes, random kitchen stuff, etc. etc. Shipping through the straight up postal service is the way to go. Cheapest. Effective. Done.

But then I realized– I don’t have a doorman. This is something I didn’t even think about! Because I don’t have someone to greet my packages during the middle of the day, where would I send them?

Luckily, my office was kind enough to let me store them there. If not, I would have paid extra to have the held at the post office.  I sent 1 each day on the 4 days before I left so I wouldn’t overwhelm the office crew. I took out what I need from them when they arrived (I knew what was in what because I made a spreadsheet! KEY- because if the post office looses- you know what was in it!) Then, I strategically stored them under my desk. These boxes have been there for the last month. I will remove them on Thursday!!

I then still had 4 boxes left in Indiana. I was lucky enough to have a past employer that was willing to keep them until I could have them shipped when I have my new apartment (I will be able to receive these on Thursday!!). So I took these 4 boxes to the post office before I left, weighed them, found out how much it would be to ship, labeled them, and wrote my boss a check for the total. As you can tell, I have been very lucky with nice employers!

So that was about it. Then I went to the airport with my 3 HUGE suitcases, got on a plane, and got to New York! Getting it all out of the taxi might be the most movie-esque image of my move to New York. This totally bright-eyed girl getting out of a taxi in Harlem with 3 suitcases that overpower me, falling over in the middle of the street, turned around by where I am, it was probably hilarious. Very memorable.

And then carrying all of them up 5 flights of stairs. Just hilarious.

So while very verbose, a very good learning experience was had. This current move will be a lot easier because of this experience! (Except for the fact I move out on Aug 31 and can’t move in until Sept 1! More storing at the office…) I never want to have to do this big move again but I hope others are able to take note and maybe learn for their own big move!


3 thoughts on “Moving to New York: The Packing Saga

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  2. I just stumbled on your blog after my “moving with many suitcases” internet search. I’m also moving to NY and now feel better knowing me and my 2 HUGE suitcases are not so uniquely gluttenous after all, just normal.

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