Posted in September 2011

My first visitor!

Yesterday I had the privilege of getting a visit from my favorite dude- my dad. It was SUCH a nice visit!  I’m extremely lucky in the fact that my dad is up here once a month or so teaching classes at Rutgers but this was the first time since I’ve been up here that we’ve … Continue reading

Lightsaber Fight… Yes. Lightsaber Fight.

Although this weekend was super packed, when The Skint posted this one, I could in no way skip out. There was a lightsaber fight in Washington Square Park. Lightsabers as in- Luke Skywaker/Use the Force/I am your father and all that shit lightsaber fight. While I’m not a Star Wars fanatic, I was attracted mostly … Continue reading

Hoosiers 4 Eva

Another amazing portion of this last jam packed weekend was the opportunity to go support my Hoosiers that the official New York IU bar, Traffic. I heard about the event through the New York Metro Alumni Chapter (All NY Hoosiers- join so you all get the invites!) I wasn’t sure exactly where the bar was … Continue reading

A rich man and fancy books for FREE!

Along with my other adventures this past weekend, on Saturday I took advantage of the Smithsonian’s Free Museum Day!  I heard about Free Museum Day through my favorite source for all things free and cheap in New York, The Skint. Luckily The Skint gave me the heads up about the really great offer a few … Continue reading

(Italian Accent) SAN GENnaRO Festival!

Ahhh… with a grilled cheese and sweet potato bisque soup next to me (thanks Trader Joe’s) and a full weekend behind me, nothing is better than a little Sunday night blogging. And I’ve got a lot to blog about. I did some great things this weekend, but first, let’s talk about Friday night… Thanks to … Continue reading

Walking the High Line

Last weekend was my first trip to The High Line, a refurbished above ground train track turned modern walking path in Chelsea. Photographer, Jonathan Fleming took some great photos of the High Line in his blog. Since Jonathan’s photos can run circles around, pulverize, embarrass and beat my photos up any day, I thought I … Continue reading

Random and True Part III

Mid-week. Not too much exciting news since I’ve been glued to every season premiere thus far SO- time for the third edition of random and true- tidbits I’ve learned. Never try to smoke pot on a subway. As I witnessed (as a bystander), people will get really mad at you. Never ever try to go … Continue reading

The Flea and other Weekend Adventures

It was a very active weekend here in New York. Friday was Taylor’s birthday. Festivities included cupcakes, dinner out, drinking with friends, more cupcakes, and lots of arguments about Taylor Swift. Successful I believe. Mary Grace and I had a very necessary shopping excursion to Target on Saturday that lasted close to 4 hours. For … Continue reading

It’s Autumn in New York!!

Unlike the worst movie ever, Autumn in New York starring Richard Gere and Wynona Ryder, I think this Autumn in New York will be fabulous. With fall being by far my favorite season, I’ve been looking forward to the cooling weather and the changing leaves since my move here. (Also because we have no AC … Continue reading

Let’s Have a Review

So now that I have a cord and internet… let’s have a gander at all that has been New York thus far. It’s not everything by any means… but who wants to see everything? Gross.

My 9/11/11

I’ve been thinking all week about what 9/11 would be like on the 10th Anniversary while living in New York. When 9/11 happened, I was in the 7th grade at a sheltered private school in Knoxville, Tennessee. I knew it was a horrible day in our country’s history but I don’t really think I understand … Continue reading

Our labor intensive Labor Day

So to preface this blog– I finally bought a new USB cord so there are photos of all things New York on my computer but we don’t have internet in the house until Friday SO- hold tight for images of all that I am about to tell! So this holiday weekend was the first weekend … Continue reading


We have no internet, half the light bulbs are burnt out, we have to do massive cleaning, we are storing boxes from the old tenants, and our landlord needs to paint BUT the suitcases are put away the deli across the street sells cheap beer a strong roommate bond has been formed over Taylor Swift. … Continue reading