Our labor intensive Labor Day

So to preface this blog– I finally bought a new USB cord so there are photos of all things New York on my computer but we don’t have internet in the house until Friday SO- hold tight for images of all that I am about to tell!

So this holiday weekend was the first weekend in our apartment! We have decided to name her- Windermere.

It was an exhausting and full weekend but I feel so relieved that I finally have a home! Here is all that went down:

Thursday evening: All 4 of us moved in. Thank goodness Kyle has a car and could help haul my boxes from under my desk at work to the apartment! We did it all in less than 30 minutes though- impressive. We took the remainder of the evening to sit in awe of our space.

Friday: After my half day at work and after Mary Grace did some hardcore comparison shopping, we went to IKEA for the necessary things we needed- like pots.  Taylor might have wanted to kill me after I took 15 minutes to decide what kind of hamper I wanted. Then we went home and cleaned like nobodies business, I’m talking scrapping crusted toothpaste off our wooden doors. The pleasure of moving into a house with no time for cleaning in between.

Saturday: We did a hardcore grocery shopping excursion, finally checking out Fairway before hitting up Trader Joes and then going back to Fairway for the items that were better priced there (it was only a few- loyal Trader Joe’s customer through and through). MG and I then went to Bed Bath and Beyond to spend some gift cards which enabled me to have a complete closet- hangers, shelving, etc. PERFECTION. It is so nice to actually see all my clothes now. I also got a toaster oven- Lauren’s first big girl appliance (which I almost killed in an attempt to cook my first meal in the apartment- an english muffin). We ended the evening with a roomie movie and complete exhaustion.

Sunday: We waited for the painters, waited for the painters, waited for the painters, I did a ton of laundry in our new laundromat which I love (including intense items like chair and couch covers), waited for the painters, and then the painters didn’t show. Taylor and I then decided to take advantage of the Hudson River Free Kayaking (which I found from The Skint). It was super fun and I nice little break from the apartment. Then, I finally went to the gym on my new membership! (Yay $99 for a full year! SAY WHAT!? That is living cheap in NY for you…). Finally, I made my first real meal! I cooked a bunch of chicken- put it in our new IKEA Tupperware (18 pieces for $20… Boom) and then threw some of it on a lovely salad (that I had shredded myself because it is much cheaper that way). Again we ended the evening with a roomie movie and a trek across the street to McDonald’s for ice cream (did I mention we have a McDonald’s across the street and no air conditioning?…. BAD combo).

Monday: The painter came, but didn’t paint because the paint store was closed for the holiday. Movers came to take the last remaining items of the old tenants (we had kindly been storing because of Irene), I hit my lovely gym again, I made some AWESOME guac (if I do say so myself) where I added mashed garbanzo beans to up the protein and the hummus factor. We all headed to our lovely friends’ house for a Labor Day get-together and then to the FREE outdoor opera series at Lincoln Center where I watched half of Don Carlo before I got cold, my butt hurt, and I went home (It is a 3.5 hour opera!) But it was an awesome experience!

So that was the exhausting weekend! We have yet to find salt and pepper (why is it so hard!?) and the painters finally came yesterday and did a really shitty job (first landlord argument commence).

Now on to a short and very crazy week. More details on that to come soon and pictures I PROMISE!

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