It’s Autumn in New York!!

Unlike the worst movie ever, Autumn in New York starring Richard Gere and Wynona Ryder, I think this Autumn in New York will be fabulous.

With fall being by far my favorite season, I’ve been looking forward to the cooling weather and the changing leaves since my move here. (Also because we have no AC in our apartment). I’ve been also looking forward to seeing New York in full autumn gear- jackets, scarves, boots, etc.

This morning was the first morning I was not sweating (or glowing as real ladies do) while getting ready for work. Instead, the cool autumn air-filled my room and it was a glorious way to wake up. And then- the man himself said it. In a light jacket while giving the weather in the plaza, surrounded by loyal fans, Al Roker said that fall is coming. Heck, some parts of the country even saw frost.

To celebrate the season, I went to get my first pumpkin spice latte. I was alerted of the news from my dear friend Meg. She could not have brought more joyous news to my ears (or eyes since it was a text). There I also saw others celebrating the joys of fall in full cable knit dresses, swede booties, and scarves. Someone was even wearing mittens.

With my PSL (with an extra pump of pumpkin cause I’m that much of a lover) in hand, I strolled to work, taking the long route, enjoying the gorgeous day.

While I’m still hesitant to fully embrace fall (I don’t want to jinx anything by pulling out my sweaters), I’ve yet to have this happy of a morning. Happy Friday all. Happy 9:30 AM.

Let’s all celebrate the PSL (Thanks for the video Joe).

One thought on “It’s Autumn in New York!!

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