The Flea and other Weekend Adventures

It was a very active weekend here in New York.

Friday was Taylor’s birthday. Festivities included cupcakes, dinner out, drinking with friends, more cupcakes, and lots of arguments about Taylor Swift. Successful I believe.

Mary Grace and I had a very necessary shopping excursion to Target on Saturday that lasted close to 4 hours. For two avid Target shoppers, it was like coming home after a very long absence. It was wonderful. Not only was it Target, but it was Marshall’s, Bed Bath & Beyond and more. And it was crazy close to our house!

Mary Grace was home

Only one subway stop up and a walk across the 145th St bridge and we were there! (We had never realized that even though it is technically “the Bronx”, it was closer than going to midtown!)

Manhattan in the background and mirrors I was obsessed with in the foreground.

Today, we went to one of my favorite spots thus far in the area, the Brooklyn Flea. The Brooklyn Flea is a huge Flea market in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. But, in pure Williamsburg fashion, it is way too cool for its own good with super expensive antiques, vintage hipster glasses, and food carts included organic donuts and gourmet grilled cheeses. While we tend to not really buy anything (except for the grilled and seasoned corn-on-the-cob), it is super fun to wander around and be inspired by all flee market items that are just too cool and trendy for me.

Best part of the flee is that it is right on the waterfront, looking right across the river at Manhattan. It is a beautiful sight.

To add to the enjoyment, since the L train was closed this weekend, Mary Grace and I decided to take the newly created East River Ferry, practically a water taxi that gives great views.

It was a beautiful day outside in the fresh fall air! Some photos from the day…

Everyone hanging on the lawn... awesome

Cool clocks and gadgets

Beautiful rings!

City isn't so daunting from a ferry!

On the ferry!


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