Random and True Part III

Mid-week. Not too much exciting news since I’ve been glued to every season premiere thus far SO- time for the third edition of random and true- tidbits I’ve learned.

  • Never try to smoke pot on a subway. As I witnessed (as a bystander), people will get really mad at you.
  • Never ever try to go to the grocery store on a Sunday night in the Upper West Side. Never. If you do, breathe regularly and don’t take a cart.
  • If you want to avoid the men wearing sandwich boards handing out flyers to sell your silver and gold, the best way is to yell in a very clear tone, “NO THANKS. I DON’T OWN ANY GOLD OR SILVER.” That way, you don’t get handed a flyer and everyone in the general area knows that it would be worthless to rob you.
  • New York restaurants never start meals with free bread (I miss Aubrey’s). When you go to a Mexican restaurant, you have to pay for chips (I miss La Cha). Unless you are at Sylvia’s where you get a basket of corn bread- another perk of Harlem!
  • As learned from my self-defense class, if someone suspicious is approaching you, you can handle it 3 ways: let them approach you and deal with repercussions, prepare yourself to fight back, or (my favorite) immediately turn towards the wall and start talking to it like a crazy person. Cause no one deals with crazies.
Random and true.

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