(Italian Accent) SAN GENnaRO Festival!

Ahhh… with a grilled cheese and sweet potato bisque soup next to me (thanks Trader Joe’s) and a full weekend behind me, nothing is better than a little Sunday night blogging. And I’ve got a lot to blog about. I did some great things this weekend, but first, let’s talk about Friday night…

Thanks to my new work friend Meghan, I heard about the week-long San Gennaro Festival and had it marked on my calendar to go before its final day on Saturday. The San Gennaro Festival is in its 85th year in New York’s Little Italy- celebrating the patron saint of Naples. All I knew was that it was italian and supposedly there were a ton of cannolis. Both of those statements were very true.

With Taylor to accompany me, I made my first trip down to Little Italy. It was a rainy night, but since it was a Friday we were willing to forge ahead (unlike others though which seemed to make the festival less crowded!)

When we got to the festival, we were so pleasantly surprised! It was huge and more like a carnival than any patron saint celebration I ever experienced while in catholic school.

Of  course, there were the few religious tables set up by the statue of San Gennaro, including an adorable group of old folks with whom I had a great conversation about the sacrilegious use of the rosary as a necklace.

Old woman: Eh… well… they just don’t care… I mean, its a style thing for them.

Me: Right right… but Sister Mary Janice told me not to…

Old woman: eh…

Old man (whispers so not to let the old woman hear): You’re supposed to pray it not wear it!

Sister Mary Janice: 1  Guidos: 0

But then, there was the carnival portion, including a weird headless woman and giant rat display that Taylor was itching to go to. We decided to save our dollar since we can see giant rats for free in the subway. My question was, why was the headless woman 50 cents and the giant rat a dollar?

The best part twas the food… oh… so much nasty fatty wonderful food. Taylor and I felt it was necessary to celebrate the cannoli so we got three mini cannolis and split them. Peanut butter cannoli, nutella cannoli, and banana cream cannoli, SO good. I couldn’t pick my favorite!

Taylor also got a huge sausage that was very suggestive and very delicious.

Overall, it was such an enjoyable evening! I loved Little Italy and will definitely be back! I have to appease at least one of the maitre’ds that was asking us to come dine! I think I’ll go on my birthday so all the adorable Italian waiters can sing to me.

Best part of the evening- it was cheap. My evening’s total was $2.50.

Hoorah for New York street festivals!


4 thoughts on “(Italian Accent) SAN GENnaRO Festival!

  1. If you’re in Little Italy you should also go around China Town. Go into any of their bakeries. It’s delicious, most only accept cash, and it’s so cheap! We got 3 slices of cake for my mom’s birthday for less than $4! And they’re delicious! And make sure you go to New Kam Man (200 Canal Street) it is a 3 floored Chinese grocery. Their sweets are great and they’ve got a ton of cute things. Tea pots, cooking stuff, food, Hello Kitty. So fun!

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