Hoosiers 4 Eva

Another amazing portion of this last jam packed weekend was the opportunity to go support my Hoosiers that the official New York IU bar, Traffic.

I heard about the event through the New York Metro Alumni Chapter (All NY Hoosiers- join so you all get the invites!)

I wasn’t sure exactly where the bar was until I saw another red shirt walking down the street… I followed the Hoosier.

It was SO nice to walk into a bar and see the familiar cream and crimson. They even had Sink the Biz, AMFs, and Dirty Birds (if you don’t know, don’t ask). I felt like I was at home.

It also was an added bonus that I walked in and unexpectedly saw other Hoosiers I knew! And it was an open bar… can you say, Big 10 school!? Another perk to the cheap weekend!

The Hoosier sucked per usual since it isn’t basketball season yet. But it was such a great little event! One of many I’m sure…

Not our classiest but sporting the crimson!

Nina and Steph rocking the fists and blades!

3 thoughts on “Hoosiers 4 Eva

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