Lightsaber Fight… Yes. Lightsaber Fight.

Although this weekend was super packed, when The Skint posted this one, I could in no way skip out.

There was a lightsaber fight in Washington Square Park. Lightsabers as in- Luke Skywaker/Use the Force/I am your father and all that shit lightsaber fight.

While I’m not a Star Wars fanatic, I was attracted mostly to people watch. And because I’ve always been entertained by quick movements and shiny objects.

SO glad we went.

By the time we got there the fight had somewhat died down, but there were still some hardcore Jedis and completely engrossed little kids hanging around. Most important lesson I learned while watching was that no matter what your age, if you have a lightsaber in your hand, you are an equal. 20-somethings and 9-year-olds fighting each other is hilarious and adorable and cool.

After 11, the cops took away the barricades (cause lord knows they had other things to do) and then the fountain was open. So of course, the Jedis hopped in and I got this video:

May the Force be with them.


One thought on “Lightsaber Fight… Yes. Lightsaber Fight.

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