Broadway’s Flea Market: Playbills and Muffins

The Billy Elliott Chair Auction

The last cool part of my super packed last weekend before picking up wine, doing my laundry, and calling it quits was the Broadway Flea Market.

A bit unsure of what it all was besides the fact that it had to do with Broadway shows and cheap shit, Taylor convinced me to go on a (too early) Sunday morning. But I’m SO glad I went!

So pretty much every Broadway show and Broadway organization came out to raise money for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids. Different shows sold different things. There were personal items from cast members– just things they needed to get rid of, props from shows, autographed pictures and props, tons of old playbills, and even adorable baked goods from the cast and crew. It was a really cool sight to see.

The Wicked bakesale

They were also auctioning off some fancier items that were way too intense for me. (OH MY GOD THE ORIGINAL CHAIR FROM THE BIG DANCE NUMBER IN BILLY ELLIOTT SIGNED BY THE 3 ORIGINAL BILLYS!!!)

It was fun just to walk around and see all the things up for sale and how freaking enthusiastic some people were about it. I mean, I love theater but these people LOVE

Oh yeah... It's Jason Alexander.

Broadway. Live and breathe it. Searching-for-random-old-playbills-from-1976-kind-of-love. It was great.

Taylor got some cool stuff and I even forked over some money for an adorable old black and white playbill from a 1951 show starring Bert Lahr (the Cowardly Lion). It is so cute and will be adorable in my room. Can you say matching plaid pant suits??

The coolest part was all the stars that came out to support. They were charging $25 for every autograph and that line was around the block. LOTS of money for Equity Fights Aids. We ended up seeing Joel Grey (Wicked, Anything Goes, Chicago and most

My favorite item- bracelets made from the "worn" flying ropes from Spiderman.

importantly Cabaret…. tons of TV.. you would recognize him!), the cute lead guy from book of Mormon, Bobby Cannavale (Tony nominated and Sutton Foster’s BF) and most exciting for me… Sutton Foster herself. The Broadway lady. Thoroughly Modern Millie, Shrek, Little Women, and now Anything Goes. Anything she touches turns to gold. I mean, I was giddy (is that okay to admit?)

Anyways.. after this last adventure… I was exhausted. It was such a cool weekend! If every weekend was like this one… I wouldn’t be a good employee cause I’d be beat!

There is Sutton Foster and the cutie from Book of Mormon!

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