My first visitor!

My dad and the awesome guac

Yesterday I had the privilege of getting a visit from my favorite dude- my dad. It was SUCH a nice visit!  I’m extremely lucky in the fact that my dad is up here once a month or so teaching classes at Rutgers but this was the first time since I’ve been up here that we’ve gotten to meet up! I showed my dad my office and then went out to a super nice dinner (the apartment and Harlem is in a visit to come… stay tuned haha).

I think this visit was especially special because it really ingrained in me the fact that I am living in New York.  I’ve been living here for close to two months now so of course I understand that I’m living here, but this was the first time that someone from “my previous life”  point out to me my new life. And having that person be my dad, someone who is so close to me acknowledge it- it is just crazy. I mean, my dad was visiting me in New York. I was talking about my life in New York. He kept pointing out how cool it was, how cool Columbia is, and how lucky I am. I couldn’t agree more.

I got to point out to my dad the different areas, which direction we were facing, which train to take, and how expensive the drinks are- it was crazy that we were experiencing it together but even more crazy that I knew what I was talking about.  Totally surreal.

I loved our time together! I can’t wait for more visits. Visits are great!


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