Rufus was in the building

So thanks to The Skint (on a role…) I knew that one of my favorite musicians, Rufus Wainwright was in town on Friday night to honor avant-garde director Robert Wilson’s 70th birthday at the New York Public Library. I learned of this “Robert Wilson” in Theater History and hated his work. But- Rufus called. So my brave roommate and I got $15 student tickets (thanks IU for giving us an extra year!)

We had no idea what to expect but I didn’t care. It was Rufus. I’d been waiting 6 years to see this man.

Rufus checking his phone

Oh boy did we really walk into something weird. If you haven’t seen Robert Wilson’s work, check it out here.

Along with Rufus, Lou Reed (Walk on the Wild Side/ Velvet Underground/ Wilson contributor) and Lucinda Childs (Dancer/ Choreographer/Wilson contributor/a fly circled her the whole time) completed the whole crazy gang. The entire night was a discussion of Wilson’s work… bleh. I hated him in class. This event didn’t really change my mind.

Rufus and the other crazies.

But then Rufus came onstage. He sang Wilson Happy Birthday. He then discussed his contributions to Wilson’s work with the Berliner Ensemble. He then sang a portion of a Shakespearean sonnet which he had put music to for the piece. Uh-mazing. Awesome. Wonderful. So worth $15. For me at least. Love love love. Beautiful voice. Wonderful. Hearing him, makes me think I might have actually enjoyed that Robert Wilson piece.

The event casually concluded and I snuck my way up to Rufus. I couldn’t get a picture with him. But I got really close. It was awesome awesome awesome.

I got close!

But for Mary Grace’s sake, we escaped the lovely NYPL for something a little bit more lively and our style.

Toys R US.

Heck yes. We played tourist.

A Twilight Character. And the only character in the store.

Cross Dressing Barbies

Interchangeable Heads... Weird.

We capped of the evening with a visit with dear Kerry in the pouring rain and McDonalds. We are classy broads. Classy.

Ahh.. Rufus and Toys R Us. Perfect.


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