The Job: 2 months in

Many people, (and by many I mean my grandparents) have asked me how my job is going. They’ve been wondering since I haven’t mentioned it on here. But in this very momentous two month mark, I thought now would be an appropriate time to divulge.

First and most importantly. I am insured! Now that I am out of the 60 day probationary period (yay for security!), I am officially insured through Columbia. My parents last monetary ties have been cut. They are celebrating and so am I. I’ve got a lovely low co-pay and financial independence. (take note- I just used the word co-pay on my blog). So hit me cab. Hit me. I dare you.

Secondly, my cube has a bit more flair. I call it “post-it chic”.


It has exploded with notes, tabs, and files.


My friends Ben and Meghan have added additional excitement to my cube by plotting out their emotions throughout the day via thumb tacks.

Ben's emotions on top. Meghan's emotions below. (This is for Sarah Parker)

And I’ve acquired a pig. This is a special pig that I have actually inherited. I feel honored and part of a special tribe. I also really like the pig.

Finally, and maybe the biggest is well… work has not been what I was planning for.  I found out my second week on the job that my boss would be leaving (the one who gave me the pig). Her husband got a new job in a new city. Therefore, until my big boss finds a replacement, I am on my own in my events department. My big boss is really helping out and handling some major events but talk about being thrown into the pool and learning to swim! It has been nuts. It’s been a lot of trial-by-fire but I think I am proving to my boss that I can chew more than she expected me to chew. So in an overwhelming situation, there has been good. I’ve also been racking in a ton of overtime. Or “OT” as we call it in the union world. BA.

So presumably, it has been crazy busy!! In my time here, I have done close to 40 events. There are some days I forget to get coffee in the morning when it was the first thing I was planning to do when I got in. There are some days, I get to the end of the day and I realized I never peed. I need to remember to pee.

Today's Morning Break

I did one of my fancier events today all by myself. My boss tends to check up on me for most events (as to be expected for a two-month events staff member), but this one, she really let me go- which I think shows that she is trusting me more! I was super proud of this one- while small (25), it had lots of working parts and lots of prestigious people. So pat on the back for me. Maybe some day I’ll detail more events… someday…

Today's AV Set-Up

So that is my status!! You can hit me with your car if you want- I’ve got insurance. But I would prefer if you wouldn’t cause life is going too fast right now for a broken limb.


2 thoughts on “The Job: 2 months in

  1. Sounds like you’re doing amazingly!!! I miss you. I hope you can visit sometime during my last year at IU! Keep trucking along and kicking ass. You’re awesome, Lauren! (p.s- I miss you on full frontal…)

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