Fun with the G-Rents

So this weekend I got to party hard with two super cool people… my grandparents. Yeah… be jealous.

They came to New York at the end of a Northeast bus tour (coincidentally, they had already planned the trip before I knew I was moving to New York!) So with Grandpa Steve having never been to New York and Grandmary having not visited in 35 years, we had a lot to accomplish in two days!

Kind of funny I was their tour guide! I think I got around pretty well. Thank god for smart phones and Yelp though!

First we went to NBC studios. My grandma had to see where Today was filmed! (I didn’t mind in the slightest!)

Aren't they the cutest!?

Then we went to the Top of the Rock! We were lucky enough to be there at sunset and get some beautiful photos!

Me and my Grandmary


South view from Top of the Rock

North view from Top of the Rock

Then after a lovely little dinner and adventure in Little Italy, we headed to Times Square where I got the best picture of my grandma ever-

Seeing the Times Square lights for the first time...

Today we got up bright and early. After a nice breakfast we headed down towards South Ferry

First subway ride!

And hopped on a boat to visit Lady Liberty, Ellis Island, and other views

Hey lady liberty!

The photo pro seeing the Statue up close for the first time

Excuse the un-showered person and the statue out of my head

And then we ended the day wandering Central Park, seeing Lincoln Center and running into this little memorial outside of the flagship Apple Store.

RIP Steve Jobs

And finally, my shining moment was realizing it was John Lennon’s birthday and we were only a few blocks from Strawberry Fields. So we HAD to go!! I knew there would be something going on. And there was….

Such a great visit with the two of them! Loved playing tour guide and tourist at the same time! See you at X-mas you two!

Enjoy Grandmary’s rendition and the harmonies…



2 thoughts on “Fun with the G-Rents

  1. What a great trip for your grandparents! They’re so lucky to have you give them such a lovely tour :) Sad about Steve Jobs tho. Imagine it Mac shops would have been flooded with flowers and what not.

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