Time for a List! Submissions Needed! It might even be cool!

In college, I made a bucket list of things I wanted to accomplish before graduating. The list was huge, fun, and very successful.

I was hoping to do somewhat of the same thing in New York because I’m a planner and checking things off a list makes me feel accomplished. But I have been completely overwhelmed in making the list! Where do I begin??

This is my entire list:

Be on Cash Cab

Attend Saturday Night Live

Become best friends with Tina Fey… or Tina Fey’s daughter

Go to 106 Riverside- Liz Lemon’s home

See a parade?

So due to the fact that most of my list has to do with my huge lady crush on Tina Fey, I have decided to make a list of another sort. I want to play detective. I want to answer questions!

Last time, I brainstormed with others to come up with tasks for my bucket list. This time, I want to brainstorm with others for things to figure out about New York.

I think it will be fun, I’ll learn a ton and maybe we can actually get some useful information out of it!

So ask me anything you want!! I’ll figure it out!

For example:

Where is the best macaroni and cheese in the city?

What are the ugliest style trends in New York? (I already know this one)

What are the best views of the city, Empire States Building or Top of the Rock?

Where should I go on a date?

Do you love me? (Already know this one too.)

Where are the best drink specials?

What kind of dog should I get?

How many people can fit in a subway car?

And since I am here indefinitely, I have plenty of time to figure it out! (and for those of you who are from afar, give me a question and I’ll figure it out before you come visit!)

Solved questions will turn into blog posts!

So get your questions going!! oooh… I’m excited!

Tweet it, Fbook it, comment on the blog, email that shit!


6 thoughts on “Time for a List! Submissions Needed! It might even be cool!

  1. Here was the New York Bucketl ist we had for the summer. We didn’t accomplish everything, but we got through quite a bit of it.

    -New York cheesecake (enough said).


    -Little Italy.

    -See someone famous.

    – Carlo’s Bakery (alright, it’s in New Jersey, but it’s a must on my list!).

    -McSorley’s Old Ale House.

    – Ground Zero.

    – Museum of Modern Art.

    – Bergdorf Goodman.

    – Bronx Zoo.

    – Central Park Zoo.

    – Brooklyn Flea.

    – Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market.

    Other random things we did: attend a concert in Central Park, go shopping at Surprise Surprise (definitely check it out! it’s amazing), walk the Brooklyn Bridge, if you ever get the chance to go into the Wenner Media office do it! it’s amazing and tons of fun, specialty shots at Barcelona Bar, Max Brenner for chocolate (it’s expensive but worth it), visit the Friends apartment and while you’re down there visit the pizza place voted best NY pizza by Food Network (Bleecker Street Pizza), visit the Roger Smith Hotel (they’ve always got a crazy art exhibit going on at the street level and there is also a good bar inside the hotel), Kleinfeld, visit Diana Warner’s flagship studio in the Gramercy area (she’s awesome and from Knoxville!).

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