Remember that time there was no service and a woman went into labor? Yeah… I do.

So as promised, I am going to start writing more about the events I am planning. And as the title states… this one is very much worth a blog post. It’s almost too worthy. Like, all other event stories will be so lame in comparison.

This past Tuesday, we hosted a leadership gathering at the Metropolitan Club in mid-town. So for short, very swanky people in a very swanky club. 

Secret Swanky Phone Pic

An information session was to be first, which included intense AV- projector, screen, speakers, microphone, video, Powerpoint, internet connection. It was my responsibility to make sure all AV was a-OK. And it was. Except for the internet. We couldn’t seem to find the connection.

 I recruited the AV guys that we rented the equipment from to help. They tried their darndest. I brought in the club AV/Maintenance/Custodial/Electrician /Bellhop man to help. He was useless. And then… he disappeared! While the session leader was very forgiving, understanding it was not my fault, I would not let it go. I was in charge of AV! It had to work!! Or something did…

So randomly (and thankfully) I grabbed the USB drive that I always keep in my purse. I ran down to the main office and asked to use a computer with my “I mean business face” on. I was quickly escorted to a computer where I proceeded to take screenshots (ctrl + print screen) of every website and graphic that was needing to be shown. Yep… Paint coming to the rescue. 

I then ran upstairs and uploaded all of the images. So if they couldn’t navigate the sites, they could at least see them! Crisis somewhat averted. I later found out the entire block was out of service. No landline phones, no internet. Thanks Verizon.

We then transitioned into the cocktail reception. I was about 5 minutes into scolding the lead waiter for having an unreliable AV/Maintenance/Custodial/ Electrician/Bellhop staff (later apologized when found out it wasn’t their fault), when I overheard the very pregnant attendee’s water broke. First question: Where?

While her friends were helping her in the bathroom, our staff made stealthy laps around the ballroom to check for amniotic fluid puddles (gross). No puddles. We found out she was in a chair. Chair was swept away. 

We then swiftly escorted her out the building. AV/Maintenance/Custodial/ Electrician/Bellhop man got us a large plastic bag to line the seat (just in case of more grossness) and off they were in a private car. 

Baby boy born. Columbia Law School baby bib mailed.

A much more exciting event than expected! 


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