The Mouse Saga: Part II

Mouse update from Sunday


I purchased steel wool for $9 and plugged every potential hole there might be in the house. If there was a little man in the house, he wasn’t getting out now.

Mary Grace purchased traps (sticky and metal). I was opposed to sticky cause of the gruesome stories I’d heard. But she was out for vengeance. He did eat through her Twizzlers bag.


7:30AM    I notice something on the sticky trap.

7:31AM     I run to Mary Grace’s room

7:32AM    From behind the corner, Mary Grace confirms to me it is the mouse

7:33AM    Mary Grace realizes he is still alive

7:34AM    I let out small whimper

7:34 1/2 AM  We call Kyle, as he just left the apartment, to have him come back. He does not answer.

7:35AM    We try to wake up Taylor to deal with the problem

7:36AM    Taylor hates us

7:37AM    I prepare for work, totally paranoid, with only the sound of Matt Lauer’s sweet sweet voice for comfort

8:15AM    After running past the kitchen quickly while singing to myself, I leave for work

10:30AM  The problem is disposed of before Taylor heads to work. Right Taylor??? RIGHT????

So inhumane and so gross. I didn’t expect to catch it. I’m still on edge. Bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh.

Hopefully with steel wool in place, this will not be an issue again.

If it does become a problem again, at least now I’ll know how I react… like a total freak.


11:07AM  Taylor texts cruel joke saying he put mouse in fridge for dinner

11:08AM  I shed a single tear out of pure fear


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