A weekend of rallies: Halloween in New York

Adorable pirate outside the funeral home

Snow on the Alma Mater at Columbia

Cougar and Tiger. Rawr.

Right now I am writing this while doing my laundry and trick-or-treaters are coming in and out of the store.

From this sentence you can tell two things:

1. Trick or treating is very different in New York. A bit sad in my opinion, but also adorable cause there are little kids everywhere!
2. Yes- I am doing my laundry on Halloween. But that is because I have had my fill of Halloween adventure and I am exhausted.

After coming from Bloomington, a college town that celebrated “Halloweekend” big, I was nervous to

Ryan and the Boys

see what New York Halloween would be like.

New York of course did not fail. Although I worked all weekend, was quite exhausted, and snow was one the ground (say what?!?), a visit from my high school friend Hillary inspired me to rally on Saturday night. We pulled together hilarious costumes and headed to the bar. No actual party- just the bar that MG was working at- we had no idea if others would look as ridiculous as us.

To our pleasant surprise, they were! Not only were they dressed up- most of them looked stupider than we did.

While Sunday was a big exhausting mess at work, that night I had to rally


My halloween glasses with our flags!

again, cause the Royal Bangs were

coming to play! It was so nice to see my brother and the boys. Mary Grace and I got fancy VIP passes, hung out in the balcony, and jammed with the record label owner. Hilarious. The boys did great. Very proud sister.

And once more, this morning I rallied again. Because it was Halloween, I am in New York, and as we all know, I have a minor obsession with the Today Show. So I HAD to make my first (but definitely not last) visit to the Today Show for their Halloween costume reveal! My boss even expected me to be late to work- she knew it was that big of a deal for me!

Taylor was so sweet to come with me. We had an awesome time, got on TV behind Al in a really creepy way, and then we were picked to go be props for the big costume reveal! Because we were handed British flags and there was a Buckingham Palace backdrop, we quickly realized what their costumes were! Royal Wedding = Hilarious. Al as Harry was the best! And then out of no where pops Meredith Viera dressed as the Queen right in front of us! She surprised everyone. While she was right in front of me, I wasn’t on camera (thank god). I was so shocked to see her it would have been embarrassing!

So yes- quite a successful Halloween weekend! Now time to recuperate before the birthday fun next weekend!


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