Posted in November 2011

T-Giving NYC style

So before I begin my post, I would just like to say how upset I am. My computer sucks big time and has done some weird thing to the majority of my pictures from Thanksgiving where I am unable to see them beyond thumbnail format. Therefore, when describing our awesome Thanksgiving, if will also describe … Continue reading

I’m Thankful For…

Thanksgiving. Coma. Lovely day. Details to come.  But for now. I’m thankful for YOU- My friends and family. It’s been a huge year of changes and the support system has held it together. Near or far. Miss you. Love you. Thankful for you.  

Let the Holidaze Begin!!

This weekend marked two very special moments- the start of the holiday season and the first visit from my bestie- Kaylee Dueber!! Along with a bunch of other super fun activities, including dancing with this looker:  Dueber, Mary Grace and I went to the Bryan Park Holiday Shops. It was SO great. There were little … Continue reading

Lauren Does Broadway!

So obviously now being in New York allows me access to Broadway shows all the time… technically. They are also kind of expensive and hard to go to frequently when you have a job that consumes life. But I have been able to fit in a few! Since I know so many of you want … Continue reading

The Wien Review

For the last few weeks my life has been consumed by one event- The Wien Luncheon (Pronounced WEEN- named after a very prestigious donor). It is a really cool event and each year honors two alumni for their “social responsibility”. This year especially we had some very big honoraries, therefore having a very big crowd. … Continue reading

First (23rd) Birthday In New York

Since it was my first birthday in the city, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But with the birthday behind me, I’m happy to say that it so super successful. And totally gluttonous. Birthday started with an early phone call from my mom and  a lovely bouquet from my boss. She is so thoughtful and … Continue reading