First (23rd) Birthday In New York

Since it was my first birthday in the city, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But with the birthday behind me, I’m happy to say that it so super successful. And totally gluttonous.

Birthday started with an early phone call from my mom and  a lovely bouquet from my boss. She is so thoughtful and it was a great way to start the day!

Next, thanks to The Skint, I found out a new Crumbs shop was opening on 92nd and Broadway. To celebrate, they were giving out 1,000 free cupcakes for free! Coincidentally on my birthday and I had always wanted to try one! My boss again, was kind enough to let me sneak away! It was like they knew it was my birthday… I could pick any I wanted!

I didn’t actually eat the cupcake on my birthday, it had to be saved for later due to the amazingly sweet lunch I had with my work friends! I had been eyeing the crepes at Artopolis shop for weeks! Such a nice lunch.

After a busy day of work, I met my roommates and Kerry for an amazing dinner at S’Mac– another restaurant I had been eyeing for weeks. A whole place- just macaroni and cheese. Gourment mac and cheese. Amazing. And sooooo good!!

Taylor was intimidated

Finally, and most gluttonous of all- we made a convenient stop at DSW- where I treated myself to a grown-up pair of boots. Ralph Lauren. Holy moly. Proud of those.

The birthday celebration continued into the weekend with a wonderful gathering of friends at our place. Mary Grace made an amazing pumpkin cake and we had rum root beer floats. So fun. Cake and ice cream!

The fun continued into the east village were we danced our butts (and the cake) off! Such a fun night!

Being new to the city, my birthday exceeded my expectations! I am so lucky to have so many old and new friends in the city!  They made my birthday so special!

Here’s to #23 (and going to the gym)!


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