The Wien Review

For the last few weeks my life has been consumed by one event- The Wien Luncheon (Pronounced WEEN- named after a very prestigious donor).

It is a really cool event and each year honors two alumni for their “social responsibility”. This year especially we had some very big honoraries, therefore having a very big crowd. Just the perfect characteristics for my first big event (total sarcasm). Also great for my new boss who just started and was totally thrown into the fire (sarcasm again).  I about had an ulcer over the seating list- my first seating list for CLS and it was close to 300 elite people!

So while I wanted to pull out my hair for the last few days, (not sarcasm), the event went over well and was beautiful. Not without a few glitches but they were glitches for the most part that could be resolved. Everyone had a seat! Everyone left a happy camper. Especially me- cause the damn event was over.

Lessons learned. Next time my new boss and I will both know what the hell we are doing- and it will go even better!

Here are some photos from the big event at The Pierre Hotel in midtown Manhattan (the historic hotel that I know best as the site of Don Draper’s mistresses and the make-shift Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Pryce offices in Mad MenSeason 3!):

The registration table- all names with assigned seats! My pride and joy.

Tables being prepped at the Pierre! Such a fancy room...

Have to love the bow accent on the ceiling (sarcasm)!

The lovely centerpieces! I love the linen pattern/flower combo!

The programs. Law School doing it right.

Beautiful technique! The staff at The Pierre knows how to do it!

The Masterpiece! The politically safe, SEVENTEEN person head table!


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