New York Chocolate Show 2011 (Yes… Chocolate Show)

Today is one of those days that I was like, “heck yes I live in New York. Heck. Yes.”

Because before seeing my friend in a show, going to an irish pub, shopping at the Container Store and West Elm, I went to the New York Chocolate Show

Thanks to my new boss Char, I knew that the show was going on. She goes every year (I think I’m going to like her!) 

I am also lucky enough to have a roommate who was willing to take on the arduous task of eating as my much chocolate as our stomachs would hold with me. (Thanks MG… I know it was a rough one)

So while the tickets were a bit more than I would normally spend on a casual afternoon activity ($30 ahead of time)… I believe it was totally worth it. So does MG. So do our stomachs.

So at the New York Chocolate Show, vendors come from all over the world to sell their chocolate. It is the only event of its kind in America. The other shows take place around the world.

This guy makes chocolate for the Queen of England. He was very fancy.

We got to try chocolate to our heart’s content. Mary Grace’s favorite chocolate was from No Chewing Allowed (so much so she actually purchased some!). No chewing! Just melts on your tongue. DE-lish and great branding!

My favorite chocolate was from a company called Fika. Goat Cheese Truffles. Lets talk about it.

Sounds odd but literally the flavors just worked. It was like science. The gentleman was explaining how I would first taste chocolate, than salt, then the goat cheese, then a caramel- as I was tasting them! I felt like Violet Beauregarde right before she turned into the big blueberry – it was magical. If I had $15 for SIX baby truffles, I would be all over them.

Fika's magnificent truffles

Another favorite of ours was Screme, a crazy bold creator of gelato. MG freaked over the chocolate with chili flakes and the mojito flavored. I fell in love with the Corona lime. DE-lishes! (The Montecristo cigar infused chocolate was nasty though…)

Beyond the tasting, there were also sculptures and demonstrations

There was a cool Broadway theme including outfits inspired by shows:

And a whole Times Square-scape. (I got this picture right before  a little boy politely asked me to move so he could get a good picture)

The funniest moment of the experience was the demonstration we sat through from the dessert people from The Darby (swank city!). We decided to sit through it to let our stomachs take a break. Sadly, (but how can that be!?!) we had no idea that we all got to taste what they were cooking! It was delicious. So SO good. But our stomachs could barely handle its goodness.

The look of fear and terror

It was funny though not because of the chocolate, but because of how amazingly awkward the whole presentation was. The poor chef had no presentation skills. He was so nervous. He didn’t know what to do with his hands (and he was supposed to be cooking!) He actually brought a fellow chef to help him speak! It was genuinely sweet and when they hit a low point, they suggested a dance-off for the finished product from the presentation. I’ve never seen so many old women get dirty. It was amazing.

So with the inability to eat anymore chocolate, we left the Chocolate Show, literally on an endorphins high, with our smiles a little bigger and our pants a lot tighter.

Hoorah for another New York City Sunday!


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