Let the Holidaze Begin!!

This weekend marked two very special moments- the start of the holiday season and the first visit from my bestie- Kaylee Dueber!!

Along with a bunch of other super fun activities, including dancing with this looker: 

Dueber, Mary Grace and I went to the Bryan Park Holiday Shops. It was SO great. There were little pop-up miniature shops all over selling really wonderful and creative gifts! I can’t tell you much more. Don’t want to spoil my presents!

Best part… first ice skating sighting. Mary Grace and I just looked at eachother and said, “Hey, remember when we lived in New York?”

Yesterday, Dueber and I ventured down to the Harlem Holiday Lights! I was super excited to see all the lights along 125th street light up, accompanied by various Harlem choirs (and a good free activity!). But by the time we got there (20 minutes early) everything was done and the stage and chairs were being taken down! So weird… and it was the right time. Where is the X-Mas cheer Harlem?? I think it had something to do with the rain.

We did see a few remnant choirs though that were so great and awesome. Dueber and I topped the night off with cobbler from Make My Cake to really seal in the holiday festivities. SO delicious. Best bakery.

Choir and lights outside of the Apollo!

So our little rendezvous started with a bang!! I’m so pumped for the holidays now! Including Thanksgiving THIS Thursday!

Stay tuned!!

Also- side tangent. While looking at all the beautiful window displays on 5th Avenue, we went into the new store Uniqlo. Don’t waste your time. BORING. Please notice Mary Grace and Dueber’s faces. Priceless.


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