T-Giving NYC style

So before I begin my post, I would just like to say how upset I am. My computer sucks big time and has done some weird thing to the majority of my pictures from Thanksgiving where I am unable to see them beyond thumbnail format. Therefore, when describing our awesome Thanksgiving, if will also describe those photos that would be posted if I had my way.


Thanksgiving came to New York like crazy this week! My mother, brother and brother’s girlfriend joined Mary Grace and I at our humble Harlem abode.

First off, you may be wondering, how the hell do you host Thanksgiving in New York? All that grocery shopping? No car? Hectic and crammed grocery stores? Well let me tell you- FRESH DIRECT. 

Thank goodness my boss Char reminded me of the great gift that is Fresh Direct. You grocery shop online, you schedule a delivery, they bring it to your building, up your multiple flights of stairs, and into your apartment in lovely packed boxes. AND at a totally reasonable price. Awesome Awesome Awesome.

Best part– I gave everyone attending Thanksgiving my log-in information that way they could all add the ingredients they needed for each dish! It was perfect!

Of course there were a few items that I needed to get at the store and a few items that were Trader Joe’s/Artopolis/Farmer’s Market specific. But nothing a little event planner can’t handle :)

So by the time everyone arrived early Wednesday morning, all the food had arrived and we were able to attack full force Wednesday evening for the “Macy’s Balloon Inflation Celebration”. Yep. Intense.


The Dueber sisters joined us! Right in front of Spongebob!

Instead of going to the actual Macy’s Day Parade (too many people and not enough pajama involvement), we went to the inflation. It was SO packed. And SO surreal. Huge balloons I’ve seen for years just jam packed together in the Upper West Side.

I was especially giddy when I saw Kermit the Frog! It was nuts.

[Insert picture of my mother and I standing in front of Kermit if my darn computer would work!]

Since my pictures won’t work, here is an adorable picture of this little kid in front of Pokemon crap

It was a crazy night. Enough excitement for a while. Therefore, we took it realllly chill on Thanksgiving day. Cooked our Fresh Direct ingredients with joy.

Boy did we. So much food. Like a disgusting amount of food.

Carly cooking up a storm!

And then we ate all of the ridiculous food, at the lovely dining room table we call our couch.

[Insert picture of Mary Grace eating an immaculate plate of food mid-living room]

The rest of the weekend consisted of eating more, lounging, eating more, and exploring the city- including an amazing walk on the High Line and Central Park [insert picture of family in Central Park]

It was such an intense holiday! But I’m proud that we did it! Bring on Christmas!


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