Freshly Pressed!!

Thanks to everyone that has checked out my blog on Freshly Pressed!!

I’m so happy and humbled! Freshly Pressed is something I have drooled over and to be on it is amazing!

If you like my post, I invite you to subscribe to my blog! Let’s start a conversation! I write about New York, new adventures, and new events I’m working on as an event planner!

I tend to add in as much humor as possible. Sometimes I even get crazy and add pictures like this:

Or videos like this!

I’m not a fancy photographer with amazing shots or a really hip lady that makes everything from scratch, but I promise I’ll entertain!

Happy Reading!!

I apologize for so many exclamation marks!!


8 thoughts on “Freshly Pressed!!

  1. I’m new to WordPress so I am not sure what Freshly Pressed is, but glad that your blog was featured on it as soon as I logged onto the WordPress website. I love that you write about my city :)

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