Random and True Part V

I’ve got a few posts in the oven but I’ve stacked up on weird little pieces of knowledge! Thus time for the fifth edition of random and true- tidbits I’ve learned.

  • I truly believe the only thing that is completed in an expedited fashion in New York are deliveries from Morton Williams grocery. For a city that is supposedly always moving, Morton Williams are the only ones that move quickly! Seven cases of Perrier to my office? Boom.
  • Shih-tzus are the dog of choice in Harlem- which makes me soooo envious!
  • The dumplings shop, literally called  “Dumplings”, at the corner of Henry and Catherine in Chinatown are awesome and SO cheap! 50 frozen dumplings for $10!!
  • When you hear a gun a night, wait to hear if there is any action from the fire station next door. If the fire station doesn’t keep you awake, no one died. Or it was just a car backfire. Let’s go with car backfire.
  • I don’t think I’ve seen a baby carrier since I’ve been in the city… because carriers mean they click into seats… which means you would need a car. Lots of bassinets and Baby Bjourns.
  • Don’t be fooled- the street performer at 92nd and Broadway isn’t performing- he is just wearing a chicken hat on his head and playing a stereo.
Random and true.

3 thoughts on “Random and True Part V

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