Gingerbread Houses, Secret Burgers, Symphonies, and Synchronized Lights.

This evening I embarked on another adventure thanks to my favorite website, The Skint, which informed me of the gingerbread house display from local bakeries at the Le Parker Meridian hotel (or as I think of it, the hotel where all the guests from the Rosie O’Donnell Show stayed).

Of course, at the thought of Christmas sweets and New York bakeries, I was all over it! Thank goodness my friend Missy was too!

So after purchasing our celebratory seasonal hot chocolate, Missy and I headed over the the Le Parker Meridian where we were greeted by some of the most creative gingerbread houses I’ve ever seen.

My second favorite: The Wicked Witch’s House from Hansel and Gretel. There were so many details baked into the gingerbread!

My ultimate favorite: Occupy North Pole! It was a hilarious little mock of Occupy Wall Street and the use of candy and fondant was so creative!

More Occupy North Pole! SO funny! “Hire American Reindeer”…

Stop Global Warming…

I couldn’t get over the creativity in this one! I love the pretzel “iron” and the jellybean stones!

And then this one just pissed me off. It wasn’t a gingerbread house and didn’t include ANY candy! It was just gingerbread and fondant. BOO.

While the houses were so impressive, there were not as many as we were expecting, so we decided to use the extra time by exploring the area.

First stop- the “speak-easy” -esque burger joint in the Le Parker Meridian hotel, aptly named The Burger Joint. I had heard of this place through word-of-mouth as one of the best burger places in the city. Technically there wasn’t even a marquee for this place- just a neon light burger with an arrow and the aromas of grease and meat.

Inside it was hilarious. Right in the middle of this swanky hotel was a dingy hole-in-the-wall, cash only burger joint with wood paneled walls adorned with signatures and a cardboard menu with the only option as “the works”. It was amazing. Sadly I was full from my hot chocolate and was accompanied by a vegetarian. But the smells held me over until next time. And OH THERE WILL BE A NEXT TIME.

Onward we went.

Next, Missy and I stopped at Carnegie Hall. The London Philharmonic Orchestra was mid-performance so we couldn’t enter but we checked out the lobby (which was so surprisingly small!) and talked to the ushers. I love arts venues.

Again. Onward.

Finally, we landed at the Shops at Columbus Circle. I had seen this mall from afar but didn’t really process that it was a mall. I always thought it was just another fancy office building. But nope. It was not.

Inside was the swankiest shopping mall ever. There was NOT ONE shop I could afford. It was hilarious. And SO clean. The top floor even included high-end restaurants and a full fledged club, including doorman and a pulsing bass. Best part for sure was the synchronized holiday light display that hung over the entrance to the mall.

Huge stars that lit up to match the patterns of the music. But it wasn’t cheesy. It was totally classy. I mean, remember, this is The Shops at Columbus Circle. I felt like a cat when the lights moved. Totally mesmerized. And I wanted to bat at them with my paws.

OH! And there was this amazing MasterCard pop-up shop. Best pop-up shop idea ever! It was like an exclusive garden party in the middle of the mall. But it wasn’t a normal garden party, it was a garden party where you could hang out in the plush chairs while you had your gifts wrapped at the “gift bar”. So cool. And exclusive for MasterCard holders only. I’ve never wanted a credit card more in my life.

So…. a very fun night with random adventures! And totally free! (My Starbucks was on a giftcard. Thanks Grandmary!) Onto more holiday cheer!


3 thoughts on “Gingerbread Houses, Secret Burgers, Symphonies, and Synchronized Lights.

  1. I’m glad, or maybe sad, that I am not the only one that can’t afford to buy anything at the shops at Columbus Circle. The only thing I could afford there is no longer in business, Borders bookstore. Figures, lol… Oh, and I never would have thought that the Le Parker Meridian hotel would have had that burger joint inside the hotel, :)

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