The Shot Heard Round NY and Central Indiana

Appropriate to compare a basketball game to start of WWI? Maybe not. But for now, go with it. 

Last night me, my roommates, friends, and a shit ton of other IU alumni joined in one of the most spectacular Hoosier basketball moments ever:

Yes last night IU beat #1 ranked Kentucky. First time IU has beat a #1 team since 2002. And we are still undefeated. It was a BE-U-TIFUL moment.

And while all of us NY IU alumni would have much rather been at Assembly Hall, what happened last night at IU’s official New York bar Traffic was pretty unbelievable.

In a packed bar, filled with Santa’s (due to New York’s “Santacon,” which we are doing next year!), we all watched in anticipation and celebrated as IU defeated KY. The bar was open. Cheers were sung. Dirty Birds and Hairy Bear’s (if you don’t know… don’t ask) were consumed. Glasses were broken. Wood was ripped off walls (Not it).

Besides Bloomington (obviously!), there was nowhere else I would have rather celebrated!

Here is just a small idea of the pandemonium (Thanks Mary Grace!)

I’m still so happy. To euphoric to write anymore. Enjoy some pictures of the insane evening!


The Santa outfits work so well with the cream and crimson

David and Bonnie enjoying their IU drinks!

Some Santas can't handle their liquor

Tom Crean's face at Christian Watford's buzzer game/winning shot!


6 thoughts on “The Shot Heard Round NY and Central Indiana

  1. As an IU alum, I love this post. I was a sophomore the year IU played the championship game against that school I won’t mention in 2002, and campus was absolutely electric. I wish I’d been there to celebrate last night.

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