The Holiday Party Built Out of Love.

This past Friday was the Faculty/Staff Holiday Party at Columbia. Of course, the Events Team was put in charge of the event. Oh the perks of being in events! We get to work our own parties!

With literally a minuscule budget for 175 people (After 2008 it is amazing we have a party at all!), the inability to celebrate any particular holiday (“No red and green!” “No blue and white!” “Unisex must be an option for the toys!” Someone will get offended!) and lofty goals (Char and I both wanted to show people who the new events team is in town,) we made quite the holiday party! I mean, we didn’t charter a boat or hire a folk band, but we did some great things with what we had!

Favorite moments?

  • Getting to donate so many gifts to Hour Children
  • The joy the kids got out of playing with the window snow decals
  • The finger points and comments towards the snow projection (my pride and joy!)
  • A packed room with more people than anticipated and everyone happy!
  • The fact that we did it with all supporting staff onboard! It is a good sign for events to come…
  • Comments like,  “This is the best party we’ve had since the budget was cut!”

Now the daunting task is to figure out how to top it next year! Here’s hoping we get a little more love from the budget!

I’ll let Char’s awesome pictures now do the talking!

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2 thoughts on “The Holiday Party Built Out of Love.

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