100 and counting….

Yesterday marked my last event of the season (not counting the eminent last-minute events). After the event I had time to decompress and re-evaluate my prep list before the event pick back up after the holidays. While decompressing, I realized that this last event of the season was my 100th event in my current position! Insane! That means 100 events since I started Aug. 1st- 100 events in 136 days (counting weekends).

I’m super proud of this moment and can’t really believe it! Time has flown! I have nothing really more to say about it- just amazed. So I’ll leave you with my “Event Tweets” that have documented a bit of my journey… Here’s to 100 more!!


  • Snow explosion! Holiday Xmas party #eventtweet
  • Setting up the room and look what I see outside! Entrance to Columbia Campus walk is so pretty! #eventtweet yfrog.com/h3dk0wuwj
  • It’s 10am and my feet already hurt! Double conference day! #eventtweet
  • Success! #phew #timeforwine #eventtweet yfrog.com/oebl6cij
  • Setup at The Pierre “swanktastic” yfrog.com/gyqjbnlj
  • Big event day = suit day. Not my favorite. #eventtweet
  • Best boss ever! Happy Birthday to me! pic.twitter.com/AN6PGlUL
  • Hot boy convention at Columbia this morning! Perk of working on Saturday!
  • 3 events on a Friday morning. That’s a way to wake up. Who needs coffee?!? (Answer: me. Later this afternoon) #eventtweet
  • All this sushi and none of it for me #eventtweet yfrog.com/o0o62lsj
  • Remember that time there was no service and a woman went into labor? Yeah… I do. wp.me/p1GZuk-8J
  • Event at the NY Metropolitan Club tonight succeeds! #NBD #eventtweet yfrog.com/nvv3zofj
  • My Saturday morning. Got to love weekend events! #eventtweet yfrog.com/ntogvlej
  • I’m bored I’m bored I’m bored I’m bored. Mid #eventtweet
  • Event day is like a field trip. You get out of the normal routine and you always get a great boxed lunch. #eventtweet
  • My secret behind the highboy… Life of an event planner. #eventtweet yfrog.com/nxfemrmj
  • Rocking out a Global Justice Forum. Be jealous. yfrog.com/mfhmvpsj
  • I’m falling asleep…this is so bad. Big sandwich= bad idea. Must. Keep. Working.
  • I’ve got my work email on my phone now… Oh no #thiscouldbebad
  • At a 3 hour meeting for obtaining a company credit card. I’m glad they are trusting me with Columbia’s money… Oh boy. #overwhelmed
  • My office inspiration? Post-it chic #busyday
  • The plan to check at what my hair looked like in the bathroom never happened before work this morning and still hasn’t happened. #busyday
  • Benefit of working late? Seeing this place at night. Columbia is beautiful.
  • First event today! Going on a sushi run…



3 thoughts on “100 and counting….

  1. Hey Lauren!

    Congratulations on 100 events — that is really exciting!! I’ve been a follower of your blog for a little bit and I just love your posts! It is my dream some day to make it to the big city and until then, I’m living vicariously through you and a few other New-Yorkers :) I was hoping if if you would be willing to email me about how you got to where you are right now. I’m currently finishing up my bachelors degree at the University of Michigan and I have a desire to get into event planning (I had an internship in the philanthropy department at the hospital that planned many fundraising events and absolutely loved it!) Anyway, I would greatly appreciate any tips and words from the wise :)

  2. Thanks Misty! I totally forgot I had disabled my contact link! Thank you for reminding me to re-enable it! Email me at my contact above and I’d be happy to chat!

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