Happy Holidaze from Harlem!

So this year, with all of us brand spanking new to the adult world, we didn’t have too much to go on to make our little apartment festive. But we did what we could (and I think we did pretty well). What we didn’t supply in decor, we supplied in baking.

Let my holiday spirit photos begin:

Mary Grace’s plant Petri, who was kind enough to step in as the role of “Christmas Tree”

My pride and joy, my yearly growing Santa collection (which goes so well with the Wii)

Can you spot the nativity scene?

Yep. On top of the mirror.

And then there is the decor we fashioned ourselves this year-

The little centerpieces made from vases from work and leftover ingredients from Thanksgiving, (gingerbread window clings totally helping in the back)

and the candle centerpiece made from all discount items at Michael’s (we forgot to trim the wicks thus the glorious flames)

And then there is the baking… (not pictured: Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies- peanut butter on peanut butter on icing)

The brownies I made with Andes mints:

And the pretzel sticks I made for work (yes– I’m gourmet. That IS sea salt you see on one of the sticks)

Jello shots count as baking right?? I mean, they are red and green (and the green taste like margarita!)

But then, when it is all put together, and the Christmas lights I borrowed from the Staff Holiday Party are added and the real wreath is hung, it is magical.

Here’s to many more Harlem Christmases…






6 thoughts on “Happy Holidaze from Harlem!

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