Random and True Part VI- HOLIDAY EDITION!

I’ve learned some random things throughout this crazy holiday season, so before I leave the city for the holiday I thought I would share them in the sixth edition  of random and true- tidbits I’ve learned. HOLIDAY EDITION!

  • In New York, Salvation Army Bell Ringers have to wear uniform. If not, any smart homeless person would just jack a bell and start ringing!
  • Sitting in hotel lobbies, you can tell which guests are coming and which are going based on clothing. All going have some accessory item from Chinatown. Especially the ear warmer headbands with the rhinestones or the $5 pashminas.
  • It gets dark so damn early. For a while I thought I was just getting confused and thought that this is the way it has always been. But this is a lie. I realized I’m living more north than I ever have before- thus less sun. Right???
  • To get a Christmas tree, you don’t drive to a farm or Home Depot and tie a it on your car like in suburban America, here you just step outside your apartment and look to the left and the right to see which little  tree pop-up store on the corner is the closest. They are everywhere. And I take advantage of every one I walk through by taking big gulps of piney piney air.
  • At these pop-up Christmas tree stores, every person in charge of them are actual lumberjacks. Swear to God. Well… at least they look like lumberjacks. And I really like that :)
  • Another fact about these pop-up tree stores– you won’t find very tall trees in most locations. 5 ft… 5 1/2 feet tops. Any taller would require a vehicle, and then you would be living in a fancy area, where you wouldn’t shop at a pop-up shop anyway. Instead your tree would be shipped to you for the woodlands of Canada or some crap like that.
  • Being all squished on a train with people isn’t as bad as I thought it would be  in the winter.  When everyone is wearing puffy coats, it is like a nice cozy bubble around your person. No open arms and legs to rub up against…prickly.  I’m sure I’ll take this thought back when it starts to snow and get slushy and gross.
Random and true.

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