My Christmas Letter

So I didn’t get my act together this year to send out Christmas cards. Truthfully, I’m so impressed that some cards have gotten to me! (first due to the fact that my sweet friends and family sent cards to Harlem, secondly, because I don’t trust the mail system around here.)

So I decided to somewhat make up for my flaw by creating a clip-art included Christmas letter Christmas blog

ell hohoho and glad tidings friends and family! What a whirlwind of a year it has been! A write this Christmas letter Christmas blog from the sweet comforts of my apartment in New York City. This sentence points out the two biggest changes in my life this year- I no longer reside in Bloomington, Indiana and I now reside in New York City. Who’da thunk it?
This has been then most insane and life altering year to date for me. After four years of school and so many unbelievable memories, I graduated Indiana University in May with my degree in Journalism. I won’t dwell much on it, considering I wrote an entire blog about the experience.
After an insane summer searching for jobs and traveling the country, I ended up landing my ideal fresh-out-of-school job as the Events Coordinator for Columbia Law School. I can’t start to describe what a relief it was to find a job! But hard work pays off and I am so completely thankful for my job and all the opportunities it has provided me. Having started in August, I closed out the year last week completing 100 events. I didn’t think much could top the insanity of my last semester of being a college student, but this job has.
The whole idea of really being an adult in general has really been insane. In the last 6 months I got my own credit card, paid my first student loan, sold all my belongings, began purchasing clothing items over 12 dollars, signed up for benefits at work, and signed on my own apartment in New York City.
The one thing holding me together for the run of it has been my wonderfully supportive friends and family. The encouragement, advice, networks, listening ears, meals, and overall helpfulness of all of my friends and family has been completely astonishing and so greatly appreciated. Leaving Bloomington was a painful experience and thinking that college is in the past is still such a painful thought, but to know that I have such wonderful family and friends (near and far) makes the grown-up world much less daunting. Thank goodness for you!!
The luckiest addition this year has been my wonderful new roommates, without them, I think I would be huddled in a ball somewhere in East Harlem. I am so completely thankful to have them in my life- always having someone to go on an adventure with or sit on the couch and watch a whole season of a tv show I’ve never seen before. To them I am so thankful for making this big city a lot more manageable and a lot less lonely.
So that sums up my year! I can’t believe one year ago I was coming home from finals, having no idea what the next year ahead would bring! Here’s to another year into the unknown!
I wish you the most wonderful holiday season! May we all enjoy the time with those we love and anticipate all that 2012 will bring!
Happy Holidays,


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