Posted in January 2012

I’m a Carrie now!

In regards to Sex in the City characters, I’ve always considered myself more of a Charlotte (more traditional, less stilettos), but now I’m officially a Carrie Bradshaw. I’m single, I’m living in New York, and now I’m the new relationship columnist for Ms. Career Girl! Ms. Career Girl is an awesome resource for ladies like … Continue reading

Happy Anniversary New York

So this weekend marks my 6 month anniversary with New York. I seriously can’t believe it’s been 6 months! What a relationship it has been… It’s kind of been a whirlwind relationship between New York and me. We moved really fast and the whole relationship kind of shocked me initially. Not that I wasn’t ready … Continue reading

I Crockpotted!

This last week I got really gutsy and decided to be domestic. I knew I had a busy week ahead and didn’t want to be eating out all the time, so I needed to make a big batch of something. For those of you who know me, or read this post, you know cooking is … Continue reading

High Five For Friday!

Its been an exhausting, stressful and busy week, but thanks to my friend Lynch, I am linking up with another Lauren for High Five For Fridays and celebrating the little things that have made this week great. Here are 5 little goods from this week: Shout out from friends and family It’s been a busy … Continue reading

I’m Guest Blogging (Again)!

Hi Friends! Today I’ve got another guest blog on my Dad’s blog {grow}. This time I was super lucky and got to write about my newest addiction, Pinterest. I also got to interview a great blogger, Kate (love when I can put my Journalism degree to work!). Check it out! Thanks to Allyson (this is … Continue reading

Our First Snow!

We had some fake stuff way back in October but this is the first real-deal storm of the season! The Southerner in me expects everyone to close up shop at the first sign of snow, but of course, New York surprises me again. It is the most empty I’ve ever seen the streets of Harlem, … Continue reading

Shit New Yorkers Say

As I’m sure you’ve noticed/heard/seen, the “Shit ___ Say” has become a YouTube phenomenon. Every profession, culture, and age group now seems to have a video showing the shit they say. When I saw this one, I got SO excited! Not only because it is hilarious but also because in my short 5.5 months here, … Continue reading

The Mouse Saga: Part III

We had another visit from our mouse friend while we were all gone for the holidays. It was like they knew. I thought the infiltration was behind us though as we returned, made our presence known, and kept our house crumb free. The lies! I went into the kitchen this morning to get some tea, … Continue reading

A Very Cultural (and cheap!) MLK Weekend

I thought about heading out for my long MLK weekend, traveling to a city or visiting friends but then I realized- I haven’t seen so much of my own city! And I didn’t want to deal with traffic. And my wallet was pretty tight after the holidays… So I jam-packed my MLK Weekend full of … Continue reading

SO COLD… a poem.

Due to the fact that it is too cold to form full thoughts, I’ve decided to write my feelings a la free verse poetry: Feels Like Eleven Babies wrapped up in full body suits. Ski masks Harlem’s short buildings don’t block wind Midtown’s skyscrapers don’t allow warmth So many mittens One of mine left on … Continue reading

I’m Guest Blogging!

Hi Friends (And Grandma!) Today I’ve got a guest blog on my Dad’s blog {grow}. It’s all about social media. Check it out! And if you’re here cause you saw my post on {grow}, welcome! Check it out, look around, and feel free to subscribe! Thanks for reading y’all!

I took off my pants. Let’s talk about it.

I just completed the best thing ever. I dropped my pants on the subway. Let me take a step back and say that this was a stunt hosted by Improv Everywhere. Improv Everywhere is this awesome organization that hosts stunts all over New York and now globally. I blogged about one of their recent stunts … Continue reading

Let’s help a girl out!

This is my friend Chelsea and I. We met way back in the day, freshman year of college. She is wonderful, unbelievably genuine, and I love her dearly. Chelsea moved to Chicago right around the time I moved to New York. She is working hard and going for her dreams. I’m so proud :) Chelsea … Continue reading

Bringing it back in two thousand and twelve.

Why hello blog. Happy 2012. It’s been a while since we’ve been together and truthfully, that was totally intentional.  This holiday season has been absolutley wonderful I got to have some amazing visits with my family in San Francisco, West Virginia, and Tennessee. I got to visit with my lovely friends. I ate at Aubrey’s. … Continue reading