I took off my pants. Let’s talk about it.

I just completed the best thing ever.

I dropped my pants on the subway.

The infamous megaphone

Let me take a step back and say that this was a stunt hosted by Improv Everywhere.

Improv Everywhere is this awesome organization that hosts stunts all over New York and now globally. I blogged about one of their recent stunts in September as well. I’ve known about them since high school. Whenever I mentioned I did improv, people would always respond with “Hey have you heard of Improv Everywhere?” I immediately joined the mailing list when I moved to NYC.

The mailing list was the secret way I found out the details of The No Pants Subway Ride. In its 11th year, this pants-less ride has expanded every year, from 7 people to 4,000. It was awesome.

Due to its size, the whole event was not as discreet as in past years but I want to cherish the secrecy of it all a bit and not give to many details of how it all happened.

All I will say is that it involved a lot of planning and a lot of improv. Pretty much- my dream.

Improv Everywhere- hire me. I’m an improviser and an event planner. Let’s talk?

To increase my chances, here is some search engine optimization: improv everywhere improv everywhere improv everywhere improv everywhere improv everywhere hire Lauren Schaefer.

Oh this man! Oh the mustache! Absolutely perfect.

For myself and MG (the only brave enough friend I have),  the mission included meeting at a secret location, getting on a train, taking our pants off in sequential order, getting off the train, getting on a new train, making an extremely long transfer, getting on another train, then having a huge celebration at Union Square with no pants. I laughed and froze my butt off. Pun totally intended. The entire time we were to act totally normal. “Oh wait, I don’t have pants on?” Some people didn’t follow this as well as others (the improviser in me was disappointed) but people got a kick out of it either way.

The reactions were endless and priceless.


Image Credit: Brian Fountain

Some of my favorites:

  • The woman at the first station just not being able to figure it out and not letting it go. “What’s on the calendar?” “I know the ice jump was last weekend…” 
  • The Christian rapture supporters about to pop a blood vessel when I took a pamphlet and hundreds of other pant-less ones walking by.
  •  The puzzlement on the face of the old man across from me as I sat bare-legged knitting on the train and then two other pairs of cheeks just walk right in front of him.
  •  Two very confused tourists asking me what was going on and I just referred to the really good violinist everyone was surrounding (who later also removed his pants).

It was such a fun and liberating little adventure! I’m having a hard time getting warm and I can’t imagine how many tourist have my thunder thighs on film but it was so worth it. The whole event got me so excited for improv classes starting this Thursday and more Improv Everywhere adventures to come!

Has anyone else done one of these missions or something like it? Ever been a bystander? Tell me your experiences!


10 thoughts on “I took off my pants. Let’s talk about it.

  1. This happened last year when I was up there. We were all just sitting on the train and all of the sudden people took off their pants. It was so funny. We were apparently the only ones amused on our train. Oops.

  2. I have to say- you are very brave! Good for you! lol! Have not heard of Improv here in London- then again- over here most (young women) seem to walk around with no trousers on anyway (a la Lady Gaga) as the fashion now apparently dictates- so i don’t know how surprising that would be…lol! However, great idea and such fun!

    • I believe this year they had one in London too! I think any city with public transportation trains is hopping on board! I recommend checking out their website! It is liberating! Thanks for the read!

  3. Hey Lauren I found your blog through your guest post on your dad’s blog {grow}. I loved this post and would definitely like to be a part of Improv Everywhere. I’m a huge supporter. I wish you the best of luck!

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