How People Find My Blog: Macaroni Shirt and Other Oddities.

So one of the most interesting parts of blogging I think is seeing how people find my blog. Search engine optimization has allowed people to find my blog when searching for various items. Some of the more obvious ways that people find my blog are search terms like:

occupy wall street signs

columbia id

indiana basketball

wilson robert birthday 70 you tube

trader joes

wicked awesome gingerbread houses

what is it like living in harlem 2011

first job in new york

new to new york

frustrated by nyc apartment search

But then there are some that are absolutely ridiculous. Some make me wonder how the heck they found my blog, others make me wonder why the heck people are searching these terms!

Strangely often, weird searches are due to this picture:

Bahahha- gosh I love that picture (originally featured here)

Some of the best random searches are:

tips of baby cats

(Refer to the above picture)

cute baby in deep thoughts

(I guess this was why they found my blog)

funny christmas fondant log cake


cute frog with an umbrella

(Oh… of course… a frog with an umbrella… of course I want to find that!)

the wrong people love me

(Hopefully they found something else other than my blog… maybe a psychiatrist?)

what is a harlem boo

(I think this was my mother trying to understand this blog)

shite christmas chicken hat

(As opposed to an aikido christmas chicken hat? Or a shit chicken hat in Ireland?)

hangover gifs

(Obviously. g-i-f-t-s)

macaroni style shirt

(I really hope they did find this)

kittens dressed up like frogs while there sleeping


things that start with the letter u

(Ummm? Anyone have any ideas on this one? Last I checked I wasn’t Sesame Street!)

very weird people to make you laugh

(That’s just an easy way to find me- but just searching “weird people” would find me too. No need for the extraneous)

funny park rangers

(I think a better search term would be “Dave Coulier”)

gloves hats

(Let me know of you found them- New York is frigid! I’m in need of a good pair of glove hats!)

fondant reindeer wrapped in lights

(That just sounds painful)

person dressed up as molecule

( I would just like to say this- I will NEVER help anyone EVER cheat on their science fair project. Shame on you.)

cats wearing bread

(Oh gosh… classic cat wearing bread trick. Be original people!)

headless woman

(I was totally thinking that for next Halloween too)

AND THE GREATEST THUS FAR IS>>>>>>>>>drumroll>>>>>>>>>

men with frog butts


’nuff said. Happy Monday y’all.


2 thoughts on “How People Find My Blog: Macaroni Shirt and Other Oddities.

  1. “hangover gifs”

    I didn’t realise people were meant to shower me with presents the morning after each bout of drunken debauchery. Bargain.

    Where are these gingerbread houses that you speak of? I’m hungry.

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