SO COLD… a poem.

Due to the fact that it is too cold to form full thoughts, I’ve decided to write my feelings a la free verse poetry:

Feels Like Eleven

Babies wrapped up in full body suits.

Ski masks

Harlem’s short buildings don’t block wind

Midtown’s skyscrapers don’t allow warmth

So many mittens

One of mine left on the train

Rocking the Michael Jackson

Sale of  “I heart NY” scarves and hats on the up

Don’t try to talk to me

No toes for 12 hours

Crappy heater system

Where the hell is the snow?

Michelin Man Chic

Incomparable to Indiana

We don’t run and hide. We live in it

It’s f*ing cold in New York


2 thoughts on “SO COLD… a poem.

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