A Very Cultural (and cheap!) MLK Weekend

I thought about heading out for my long MLK weekend, traveling to a city or visiting friends but then I realized- I haven’t seen so much of my own city! And I didn’t want to deal with traffic. And my wallet was pretty tight after the holidays… So I jam-packed my MLK Weekend full of crazy cultural events here in NYC!

Bonnie with ONE of the taxidermy horses.

The massive I Spy

One of the many creepy faces

Sam and Angela, the playwright and a bunch of city officials.

After a visit from my friend Richard and awesome BBQ (stay tuned for that blog!), Saturday I connected with the European culture at Renait salon where I got my hair cut. It was a deal off the street that I don’t think I would purchase again and they tried to sell me all this crap. So NYC friends- don’t listen to the very flirtatious man with the deal.  But hey- I got my hair did so whatevs.

Later that evening, I met my dear friend Bonnie for very eye-opening experience at the Guggenheim museum. On Saturdays, the Guggenheim opens for “pay what you wish,” where you can make a donation to the museum. It really is a great way to see exhibits you might not normally pay to see full price for. Which was exactly the case this past weekend.

The Guggenheim’s current exhibit is every piece of work from  Maurizio Cattelan (Italian- another culture!). To not place more importance on one piece than another, all of his piece were hung from the ceiling, which made the taxidermy animals, big middle finger, children, the Pope, and Hitler all the more disturbing. There were over 200 pieces, making the whole thing look like one big I Spy picture. It was weird. The classical pieces and the pop art in the other rooms were very calming though as we took breaks going up the spiraled Frank Lloyd Wright building.

We then headed off to dinner with more lovely friends at a new favorite place of mine, Osteria Cotta- home of the greatest candlelight and best chicken ever (and continuing with the Italian theme).

On Sunday, I made it Lauren’s day of fun, which later turned into Lauren’s day of frigid, with degrees feeling as low as 9 degrees. But the weather would not stop me! I was determined to go rush Mountaintop, the current show on Broadway starring Angela Bassett and Samuel L. Jackson about the last night of Martin Luther King Jr.’s life. Seeing that the show is closing in two weeks and it is MLK weekend, I made it my goal to go!

It must have been other people’s goals as well because there was only standing room only left for the show. Not too bad though considering it was cheaper tickets, lovely padded velvet walls to lean on, and a very short and engrossing show.

It was absolutely amazing. The performances were just wonderful and the whole show was riveting and quite emotional. The show ended with a special tribute for both actors, director, and playwright. It was very special.

Oh- and I saw Samuel L. Jackson. SNAKES.

Tay and I in the colors and Bowie apparel

SO Bowie

Sunday night, after a very disappointing performance from my Hoosiers, I was whisked off to a special concert that Taylor was dying to go to. And I’m glad I escorted him. After putting on our best Bowie inspired clothing (this just meant sparkles for me) we headed to the Bowie/Elvis birthday celebration entitled “Oh! You Pretty Things” at my new favorite venue find, Le Poisson Rouge on Bleeker Street.

It was a Crazy evening. There was the Elvis impersonator (from Broadway’s Million Dollar Quartet), a very ambitious orchestra called This Ambitious Orchestra (headed by a man who looked too much like Harry Connick Jr.), and Eddie Clendening who you would have thought was David Bowie himself. Not to mention a burlesque show, fashion show, and an audience filled with passionately dressed fans. It was very cultural.

It was such a fun event! And the music was amazing.  And it lasted until 4AM.

Check out the videos!

Considering I was up so late, I spent this lovely Monday sleeping, doing laundry, oh! and writing this lovely blog.

Best part of this weekend, it was so cheap! Here is my American Express Promo:

Renait Salon: $5 (the tip for the stylist after already purchasing the package in October)

Guggenheim: A donation of $6 (Pay what you wish)

Mountaintop: $26.50 (Standing Room Only)

Oh! You Pretty Things: $12.50 (Taylor purchased online in advanced for the discount)

Very successful cultural weekend: Pretty Darn Priceless.

Hope you all have been able to use your long weekend well! Off to a short week!


4 thoughts on “A Very Cultural (and cheap!) MLK Weekend

  1. Lauren! What a great weekend! I love reading your blog so much. I dated a guy who interned at Le Poisson Rouge this summer. He sucked. And goes to IU. I hope to join you in the Summer!!!

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