The Mouse Saga: Part III

We had another visit from our mouse friend while we were all gone for the holidays. It was like they knew.

I thought the infiltration was behind us though as we returned, made our presence known, and kept our house crumb free.

The lies!

I went into the kitchen this morning to get some tea, did my routine glance at the traps (which had become a casual habit), and what did I see? Death.

No need for tea anymore. I’m totally amped. My hands still shaking. The little guy looked fake in our trap, I thought maybe a sick joke by my roommates. But they know that mice to me is no laughing matter- they are my greatest enemy.

Even though the situation did not look real, I’ve never had a quicker reaction than this one to flee the room.

I curse my heater for finally working, making my apartment a toasty refuge for this critter.

I bless my roommate more than ever before, for being the brave one to clean up the mess. Right??

I believe this young one was a rogue mouse, one who was trying to find his own way, maybe a rebel trying to free himself from the shackles of a controlling household. For any mouse that had mouse friends would know that our house is one of torment and terror. Our house is one to steer clear of. Any mouse who knew anything would know that.

The snap traps are coming out full force. The crumb sergeant is back. I hope my glance at the traps will become just mere habit once again and God save (but not really) any poor creature who tries to enter my abode.


2 thoughts on “The Mouse Saga: Part III

  1. I have a personal vendetta against all mice. They invaded my parents’ beach house two summers ago (though we no longer have it :( ) and my apartment last year. Good luck.

    Tupperware EVERYTHING.

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