I’m a Proud Renter! The Apartment Part I

You saw a bit of the apartment at Christmas but I have finally gotten my little space in the apartment to a point where I am ready to show it off! There are still some things I’d like to add but the Pinterest in me is ready to show you’ve what I’ve done so far!

It’s amazing that I went from 4 boxes to a cozy little room. It has been a bit of a challenge making it cozy when all the furniture is the cheap stuff from Ikea and I’ve been working on a limited budget, but with a patience and craftiness, I’ve put together a space I’m proud of!

I present to you, my little New York bedroom:

Here is the main view! Bedspread is from Wal-Mart (surprise!), lamp, bookshelf, desk, dresser, mirror and curtains are all from Ikea! I’m still trying to find the best piece to go over my bed though. Work in progress remember?

This is my favorite little space! I love mixing fancy and shabby pieces which is what I’ve attempted to do here. The necklace hanger is from Marshalls and the picture frame and fun little shabby cabinet is from TJ Maxx. The cabinet was such a good find! It is the closest thing to antique furniture I’ll get in this apartment and it’s a great place to hide all my non-pretty cosmetics.

My new favorite addition! The mason jars I.. ahem… acquired… from a BBQ joint make great candle holders! (I put a little wax paper at the bottom so it is easy to remove once they’ve melted down).

My favorite aesthetic part of my apartment are the old radiators. Not only do I love anything old, but I also love that they were painted the modern silver. And they work! (Most of the time). My curtains are great too. They let in just the right amount of light, provide a great pattern to the room, and disguise the security bars and the view of the fish market.

When the hallway coat hooks are shared by 3 others and when big holes in the wall are frowned upon, suction cup hooks are awesome for temporary winter hanging. A tiny little table with storage inside is also awesome for hair stuff when there is only one bathroom.

Oh my bookcase… I was dying for a bookcase to fit in the little nook and was so excited when Ikea had one that was the perfect measurements! But I forgot about extra centimeters for the baseboards! So I went to Home Depot, got some plywood and build a little lift so my bookcase fits over the baseboards. Classy right? 

The old playbill I bought at the Broadway Flea! I framed it and love it on the bookshelf!

Always representing the 414 and Bloomington…

My sweet little antique suitcase I got in high school! I brought it back after the holidays and is a perfect little spot for easy access to blankets when my shnazzy looking heater stops working in the middle of the night.

The closet! You don’t need to see the whole thing but just look at the size! I’m so lucky with the size of my closet! That upper nook fits all of my suitcases it is so huge! And yes, that is a teddy bear.

And my most fun little area, and most difficult to jazz up, my desk. The desk, filing cabinet, and chair are all from Ikea. I added the filing cabinet to incorporate more of the steel color from the radiator (and after breaking the drawer that was supposed to be built into the desk). The plant is my first plant ever! Struggling but still alive! And my clothesline photos…

This is by far my most successful and inexpensive craft project ever. Nails from my roommate, yarn I already owned, and paper clips I took from work. Success. And that is me and my daddy!

The flowers were added for a bit more delicate touch to the clothesline. I made them after some West Elm inspiration. Scrapbook paper, beads, an episode of 30 Rock and a hot glue gun!

I have a photo on the clothesline from every visitor’s trip to New York. (Grandmary and Miriam featured above). So come visit and I’ll put you on the clothesline! hahaha…

So there you have it! The end of the first tour! More apartment craftiness to come…

11 thoughts on “I’m a Proud Renter! The Apartment Part I

  1. Adorable living space! :)

    You clearly don’t have any pets; my cat would destroy 95% of the pretty set-up you’ve got. My room is pretty plain-Jane. The sacrifices I make for little Hugo…

    • My roommate has a fish! I think a little backwards but if I’m not ready for a human companion, I don’t think I’m ready for a pet! And if I did… the photoline would surely go!

  2. Lauren, this looks awesome! Your room is beautiful (and seemingly spacious for a NYC apartment?)! I cannot wait to see it in person and hopefully find/create a space half as wonderful!

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